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Blame Fauci

“Blame Fauci”, Monterey Herald – Aug. 8, 2021

Fauci, WHO, and other health bureaucrats should have emphasized COVID treatments from the beginning. Instead, they’ve spent a year and a half blocking effective treatments found to work — ivermectin, chloroquine, hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin, Vitamin C, zinc – leaving hundreds of thousands of people to die horrible, unnecessary deaths and allowing COVID to spread. They terrorized the public into believing that experimental vaccines that cause spike protein production and don’t confer immunity were the answer. They inflated case numbers by instituting inaccurate non-diagnostic RT-PCR tests that provide high false positives and shifted case and mortality definitions. They enacted unprecedented draconian measures that destroyed jobs, families, economies, supply chains, communities, and the world, making people desperate for “normal” and any purported solution.

CDC VAERS reports over 5,700 U.S. deaths following vaccination, 35,000 people with severe side effects, some permanent. Instead of investigating, libelous cartoons, articles, and witchhunts ramp up in the media against anyone — physicians, researchers, members of the public — who dare read, advocate treatments, or question the mRNA vaccines. Research and evidence are censored unless government approved. The historical parallels and fraudulent aspects are many.

Blame Fauci and government officials. They have caused COVID to flourish.
— Nina Beety, Monterey