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Critical of What (second letter)

Critical of What” (second letter) MC Weekly, July 8-14-2021

“It’s a little scary that anyone with a conscience would try to support critical race theory. The people pushing this know it’s racist on its face to teach to anyone, but especially children who can’t properly process the idea that because they’re white; they are oppressors and anyone of color is oppressed. That’s as racist as you can get. Judging anyone based on anything but character is wrong. Teachers have no business teaching things like that. Our American history has served this century well. The greatest generation learned the old-fashioned history: The good and the bad.

And I’ve got news for you. Even moderated Democrats AND PEOPLE OF COLOR are pushing back. They know they’re wrong and it’s not going to pass the smell test. We have made mistakes as a country. But if you don’t study history you are bound to repeat history.

Anyone who blindly supports this is either ignorant of the facts or a liar. Where do you want to fall?

Mark Clark | via email