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Board of Directors of the Coca Cola Company

Board of Directors of the Coca Cola Company, private letter – April 7, 2021

I write with severe displeasure as a lifelong consumer of Coca Cola and as a shareholder of Coca Cola.

Your CEO James Quincy is poor in understanding voter integrity issues. Someone so deficient in intellect should stay out of matters in which he is ignorant. Mr. Quincey should attend more time to making the Coca Cola Company profitable; I have disposed of all of my shares in Coca Cola Company until Mr. Quincey is terminated.

In fact, voter integrity is a very important issue, but the new Georgia law expands voter access and provides more voter access than for example, New York and Colorado (where the All Star game has moved) have less voter access than the Georgia law in several categories. If anything Coca Cola should stand for complete voter integrity, which would require voter ID. This would eliminate multiple votes by the same person, voting by the dead and mailing multiple ballots to the same individual.

Aside from my disposal of all Coca Cola shares, I have stopped drinking my lifelong favorite drink, Coca Cola. More significantly, I dine out over 200 times per year, and have close friendships with dozens of restaurant owners. I have begun a personal campaign to encourage each such owner to eliminate Coca Cola from their offerings. Pepsi and Dr. Pepper are great beverages, and my taste preference has shifted.

Dr. Michael Hogan