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More voter fraud evidence

More voter fraud evidence, Monterey Herald, submitted Dec. 4, 2020, unpublished

The jig is up. The existence of massive voter fraud now has video proof via security cameras. In half-a-dozen states, the election workers were video taped kicking out poll watchers under the ploy of closing down the operation for the night. After the poll watchers departed, the election workers remained. They pulled out hidden suitcases, and started to count illegal ballots into the late hours of the morning. This criminal activity is all on tape.

Other whistleblowers, like Post Office contractors, said they shipped tens of thousands of ballots from New York to the Pennsylvania election center after the election, where they apparently backdated the post-election day ballots.

Over 200 poll-working whistleblowers and observers have signed affidavits that they witnessed a crooked vote-counting operation.

These whistleblowers should be thanked for their effort to bring integrity to our election system. We should not imitate Venezuela, where massive voter fraud is routinely employed to prop up dictators.

We need to have every legal vote counted. Anything else makes a mockery of democracy.

Dawn Poston, Carmel Valley