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The Real and Historical Racists—The Democrats

The Real and Historical Racists—The Democrats — The Monterey Herald, submitted March 2, 2020, unpublished

Some people are demanding the destruction of Confederate statues. But why stop at knocking down Confederate monuments? Why not go after the political party that established the Confederacy and erected those racist monuments—the Democrats?

If anyone should apologize for racism, it should be the Democratic Party. They were the ones who repackaged “slavery as a positive good,” and not “an evil,” as maintained by the Founders. They started the Civil War. And Democrats opposed the 13th Amendment that outlawed slavery.

The Democratic Party has perhaps the ugliest and most racist history of any political party in America. Maybe this is why the riots, looting, burning, and toppling of statues have occurred mostly in cities ruled by Democrats for decades. If there is systemic racism in America, it originated inside the halls of the Democratic Party.

–Lawrence Samuels, Carmel