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Adam Schiff

“Adam Schiff,” Monterey Herald – Feb. 4, 2023 California Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff is now running for Senate.  He somehow […]

Remember Hiroshim

”Remember Hiroshima,” Monterey Herald – Feb. 4, 2023 In an event for the Democratic party in NYC a few days […]

Classified documents 1

“Classified documents” 1, Monterey Herald – Jan. 27, 2023 Once again on the Sunday news comment operas, Sen. Dick Durbin […]

Classified documents-2

“Classified documents” 2, Monterey Herald – Jan. 27, 2023 The Herald’s article on January 24 regarding the numerous classified documents […]

Banning fire?

“Banning fire?” Monterey Herald – Jan. 25, 2023 A quip making the rounds is that the Democrats plan to ban […]

Trump vs. Biden

“Trump vs. Biden,” Monterey Herald – Jan. 25, 2023 Initially angered, subsequently amused by the guilty verdict issued in Sunday’s […]

Unfit Transportation Secretary Buttigieg

“Unfit Transportation Secretary Buttigieg,” Santa Cruz Sentinel – submitted Jan. 15, 2023, unpublished Americans deserve cabinet members with experience in […]

Gas stoves

“Gas stoves,” Monterey Herald” – Monterey Herald – Jan. 19, 2023 I read your letters to the editor on Jan. […]

Green energy

“Green energy,” Monterey Herald” – Jan. 19, 2023 The cartoon conflates House Speaker McCarthy, fossil fuels and storm damage implying […]

President Biden– letter 1

“President Biden”– letter 1, Monterey Herald—Jan. 14, 2023 It looks like Biden got caught with his hand in the top-secret […]