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The Lockean Project

The dangers of ‘send’

“The dangers of ‘send’,” Carmel Pine Cone – Sept. 23, 2022 Some people have a compunction to express their thoughts […]

The epitome

“The epitome,” Carmel Pine Cone – Sept. 23, 2022 It seems that Ms. Snowflake, Tina Rau, Pacific Grove’s chair of […]

Electric fantasy

“Electric fantasy,” Carmel Pine Cone – Sept. 16, 2022 A week ago, Governor Newsom signed a law requiring that all […]

Office Politics

“Office Politics,” Monterey Coast Weekly – Sept. 15. 2022 Why would people who are competent and busy want to run […]

The real threats to democracy

“The real threats to democracy,” Monterey Herald – September 11, 2022 What President Biden, Democrats and liberals say about semi-fascism […]

History repeating?

“History repeating?” Monterey Herald – September 11, 2022 Some 50 years ago, E. Howard Hunt and Gordon Liddy broke into […]

Democrats’ social programs are fascist

“Democrats’ social programs are fascist,” Monterey Herald—September 3, 2022 President Biden’s claim that the people opposing him (Republicans) are “semi-fascist” […]