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Student loans

“Student loans,” Monterey Herald — May 18, 2022 Student loans are absolutely a personal responsibility as are car loans, home loans, […]

Clean up voter registrations

“Clean up voter registrations,” Carmel Pine Cone–May 13, 2022 Anyone who doubts that California’s voter records are not up to […]

Life with no Constitution

“Life with no Constitution,” Carmel Pine Cone—May 13, 2022 Recently your editorial asked, “What would this country be like if […]


“Medi-Cal,” Monterey Herald – May 11, 2022 Years ago when immigration was expanding I worried about a person sponsoring an […]

Gender differences

 “Gender differences,” Monterey Herald – May 11, 2022 I read with interest Megan McArdle’s commentary on the Women’s Movement.  To […]

No mention of gays

“No mention of gays,” Monterey Herald – May 11, 2022 I wish Washington Post writers like E.J. Dionne, Jr. would […]


“Self-ownership,” Monterey Herald – May 10, 2022 People do own their bodies, which deals with a host of liberties beyond […]

Better than the alternative

“Better than the alternative,” Carmel Pine Cone – May 6, 2022 It’s rare that I find myself disagreeing with a […]

Nothing racist about it

“Nothing racist about it,” Carmel Pine Cone – May 6, 2022 Pacific Grove is being urged to apologize for the […]

Wasn’t here in 1892

“Wasn’t here in 1892,” Carmel Pine Cone – May 6, 2022 Pacific Gove’s “diversity, equity and inclusion” task force should […]