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“How to Steal an Election”

THE NEGATIVE NEWS WHEN THERE’S NOTHING POSITIVE TO REPORT, WE’VE GOT NEWS FOR YOU! The ugly truth about the Soledad, 2022 Election or “HOW TO STEAL AN ELECTION” For years efforts to restore even the least intrusive protection, Positive Voter Identification, have been fiercely attacked as “racist” and have little […]

Biden’s Brezhnev Doctrine

Biden’s Brezhnev Doctrine,” American Thinker – August 14, 2022 By Colin Gallagher The Brezhnev Doctrine was established by the U.S.S.R. to justify Soviet action in Czechoslovakia in 1968 and the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979.  As we move just past a year since the U.S. administration’s military failure of […]