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Classified documents 1

“Classified documents” 1, Monterey Herald – Jan. 27, 2023 Once again on the Sunday news comment operas, Sen. Dick Durbin made the misleading comparison that Biden was being open and transparent about classified documents he had, but Trump wasn’t. What Durbin didn’t tell us was that some of Biden’s documents […]

Classified documents-2

“Classified documents” 2, Monterey Herald – Jan. 27, 2023 The Herald’s article on January 24 regarding the numerous classified documents that Biden illegally took while serving in the Senate and as VP most certainly merited front page coverage, but where was the article positioned? Buried somewhere on page 4 or […]

Banning fire?

“Banning fire?” Monterey Herald – Jan. 25, 2023 A quip making the rounds is that the Democrats plan to ban fire. That might sound ludicrous, but that would solve many of their urgent problems. There would be no more smoke from barbecues, stoves, campfires, furnaces, candles, or home fireplaces. Next […]

Trump vs. Biden

“Trump vs. Biden,” Monterey Herald – Jan. 25, 2023 Initially angered, subsequently amused by the guilty verdict issued in Sunday’s Opinion page. I wonder where on God’s green earth do people obtain their crystal balls to enable them to render their form of justice well before all the facts are […]

Unfit Transportation Secretary Buttigieg

“Unfit Transportation Secretary Buttigieg,” Santa Cruz Sentinel – submitted Jan. 15, 2023, unpublished Americans deserve cabinet members with experience in their appointed positions. Biden failed the public in appointing a small city mayor with no background in transportation as our top transportation person. There are dozens of CEOs of large […]

Gas stoves

“Gas stoves,” Monterey Herald” – Monterey Herald – Jan. 19, 2023 I read your letters to the editor on Jan. 17.  I especially enjoyed the cartoon of an overweight, middle-aged elephant with sagging breasts who revolts against the idea of taking away her gas stove. I really sympathize with the […]

Green energy

“Green energy,” Monterey Herald” – Jan. 19, 2023 The cartoon conflates House Speaker McCarthy, fossil fuels and storm damage implying ‘irresponsible Republicans are destroying the planet promoting fossil fuels’.  The fact is that the U.S. currently contributes about 15% greenhouse gas and should we disappear from the earth China, India […]

President Biden– letter 1

“President Biden”– letter 1, Monterey Herald—Jan. 14, 2023 It looks like Biden got caught with his hand in the top-secret cookie jar. President Obama-era classified documents were recently uncovered in Biden’s office at the University of Pennsylvania-affiliated Penn Biden Center in Washington DC. The Democrats and the legacy media are […]

“President Biden”– letter 2

“President Biden”– letter 2, Monterey Herald—Jan. 14, 2023 For the sake of equity and compassion, I have no problem fully supporting the mentally challenged and helping them find a place in our society, but “never” as the president of this country. Barack Obama reportedly said, “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to […]

President Biden– letter 3

“President Biden”– letter 3, Monterey Herald—Jan. 14, 2023 Finally, former President Jimmy Carter, he of double-digit inflation and interest rates, as well as pitifully allowing Iran to hold dozens of U.S. citizens hostage for 444 days can relax and die in peace knowing that he is no longer the worst […]


“Slavery,” Monterey Herald—Jan. 14, 2023 America inherited slavery from the rest of the world. Slavery existed in Asia, the Middle East and Europe for centuries before the United States existed.  Brutal Black-on-Black slavery existed in Africa for thousands of years.  Black African leaders sold many Blacks to the New World. […]

Save natural gas

“Save natural gas,” Carmel Pine Cone—Jan. 13, 2023 Governor Newsom will eventually be vilified as a criminal. He has banned clean-burning natural gas for all residents of California to go into effect in the near future. Californians just went through a series of violent storms. Many homes lost electricity for […]

Power of the Pen

“Power of the Pen,” Monterey County Weekly – Jan. 12, 2023 Editor Sara Rubin should be careful what she wishes for (“State invests in a journalism program that could become a template,” Jan. 5-11). Giving public funds to newspapers and journalists makes them beholden to those who pay them – […]

Gender affirming therapy

“Gender affirming therapy,” Monterey Herald – Jan. 10, 2023 According to typical K-12 CA Health School contracts, there must be written parental consent for students for limited health care services. But, if the service is under the guise of sexual and reproductive care, no parental consent is needed. Gender-affirming hormone […]

Biden and the border

“Biden and the border,” Monterey Herald – Jan. 10, 2023 When our dysfunctional president visited Arizona a while back, when asked if he was going to the border, he sanctimoniously replied that he had more important things to do. Now it appears he is finally going to the border, but […]

Coral reef threats

“Coral reef threats,” Monterey Herald—Jan. 8, 2023 Chief causes of ocean coral destruction are direct human impacts which include: water pollution impacts, mining of corals, dynamite fishing, ship scraping and collection for commercial uses. By contrast, thermal bleaching has been occurring for millions of years with climate oscillations and constitutes […]

Cover up worse than the crime

“Cover up worse than the crime,” Monterey Herald – Jan. 28, 2023 We’ve known about the massive fraud and theft perpetrated by Sam Bankman Fried: stealing billions from innocent investors, likely hundreds here on the Central Coast. What we learned recently was the White House answer to why Biden and […]

First Amendment rights

“First Amendment rights,” Monterey Herald – Jan. 6, 2023 We need to do something about the federal government violating our First Amendment rights. The Feds have done this before, during the civil rights movement, but not to this extent. The evidence now shows that the FBI gave top secret security […]

Participate in government

“Participate in government,” Monterey Herald – Jan. 6, 2023 As our newly elected officials take their place on city councils and the Board of Supervisors, we the citizens must always remember and fight for the notion that the citizens set policy for our government. Sadly, this appears to not be […]

Santos and Biden

“Santos and Biden,” Monterey Herald – Jan. 6, 2023 Apparently there are no limits to politicians’ hypocrisy! The socialist Democrats are now demanding the resignation of Rep. Santos for embellishing his ‘credentials’ in his run for the House. Interesting, but hardly breaking news, for the majority of politicians bend the […]

Racial injustice

“Racial injustice,” Monterey Herald—January 3, 2023 Reparations for slavery is as racist an idea in California history. 350,000 white Union soldiers died fighting against and defeating slavery in the Civil War. The 13th amendment to abolish slavery, the 14th amendment, to allow Black people to become citizens and the 15th […]


“Inflation,” Monterey Herald – January 3, 2023 We are now beginning to comprehend the sheer magnitude of the economic costs of the Biden open border. (We already know the death toll to Americans exceeds 214,000 due to fentanyl crossing the border.) Thanks to Eric Adams and some other mayors, we […]

Lithium ion batteries for buses are toxic

“Lithium ion batteries for buses are toxic,” Santa Cruz Sentinel, Dec. 28, 2022 Last week the Democrats outdid themselves with further inflation fanning, but this one added $19,000 of debt to each of us. Jimmy Panetta made sure Monterey County got its slice of pork as well: three electric buses […]

Comments Twitter Files

“Comments Twitter Files,” Monterey Herald – Dec. 27, 2022 Thanks to Elon Musk, we now know that the FBI, DHS, DOJ, DNC, and the Biden administration were pressuring Twitter and other social media outlets to censor, blacklist, and shadowban online critics. Twitter records show that federal agents suppressed the Hunter […]

Democrats’ policies hurt the less fortunate

“Democrats’ policies hurt the less fortunate,” Santa Cruz Sentinel, Dec. 25, 2022 Californians are wisening up, despite Andrew Goldenkranz’s tirade against Republicans (Guest Commentary, Dec. 13). Californians are realizing that Democrats’ policies in our state impoverish millions, especially the less fortunate. On a national level, the bumbling Democrats, led by […]

More inflation

“More inflation,” Monterey Herald – December 24, 2022 The swamp has done it to us again! $1.7 trillion more in spending to add to inflation. Don’t they understand, by their reckless spending, they are responsible for inflation, not the hard-working American people. Along with the 50 socialist Democrats, there were […]


“Reparations,” Monterey Herald – December 23, 2022 Regarding reparations to descendants of slaves … if we take this course of action, let’s not forget the 642,000 total Union casualties divided accordingly: 110,100 killed in battle, 224,580 diseases, 275,174 wounded in action. These individuals were all fighting to end slavery. — […]


“Reparations,” Monterey Herald – Dec. 15, 2022 Democrat (not democratic!) Governor Newsom’s task force committee wants to give $569 billion of our taxpayers’ funds to Blacks in reparations for descendants of enslaved people. Congresswoman Maxine Waters (Dem.) is pushing for banks to pay reparations for past injustice to Blacks. But […]

Colorado Springs shooting

“Colorado Springs shooting,” Monterey Herald – Dec. 3, 2022. This is the second edition of this letter. This time the newspaper took out the question of whether the “non-binary” shooter is a “transgender.” The media have rushed to judgment again. Their go-to stereotype of mass shooters is the gun-toting American […]


“Freedom,” Monterey Herald – Dec. 3, 2022 Right now, there are major upheavals in China and Iran. The people of China are protesting against the Chinese Communist Party and its lockdowns and lack of allowing freedom for its citizens. But President Biden has remained silent instead of supporting these major […]

Compassion for the People Freezing

“Compassion for the People Freezing”, Carmel Pine Cone – Dec. 2, 2022 Over four million people die yearly from freezing to death. A much smaller number die from overheating. Science history is very clear that humankind’s most healthful, food abundant, and disease-free eras were times where temperature was one degree […]

Misguided narrative

“Misguided narrative,” Monterey Herald – November 29, 2022 (on-line edition and revised) The media rushed to judgment again. Their go-to stereotype of mass shooters is the gun-toting American who supposedly hates everyone. They trotted out this misguided narrative again after five people were killed at a gay nightclub in Colorado […]

Clean Energy

“Clean Energy,” Monterey Herald – November 26, 2022 How do we reach our clean energy goals without the sun? According to the proposal from the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) on revisions to Net Metering (NEM), the commission thinks solar panels grow on roofs. They do not – they are […]

Save our schools

“Save our schools,” Carmel Pine Cone – Nov. 25, 2022 Many Americans remember the days when it was common to hear the phrase, “There is something rotten in Denmark.” I don’t recall hearing that pejorative phrase recently, but there is something rotten in America and that something is our own […]

A threat to democracy?

“A threat to democracy?” Monterey Herald – November 23, 2022 For wanting inflation and the prices for gas, oil, and all other needed goods to return to 2019 levels. For demanding that the Judicial System enforce laws as written and provide equal justice for all and for a massive reduction […]

Inconvenient Truth about Greenhouse Gases

“Inconvenient Truth about Greenhouse Gases,” Monterey Herald – Not published, Sent –Nov. 1, 2022 Biden’s war on fossil fuels is predicated on the role of carbon dioxide. Recent research has revealed that the most potent greenhouse gas is actually Nitrogen Trifluoride, which is growing faster in the atmosphere than CO2: […]

Another dull-witted Democrat has won

“Another dull-witted Democrat has won,” Monterey Herald – not published, Nov. 9, 2022 It appears that another dull-witted Democrat has won a big election while again lowering the bar for measuring high levels of achievement. It is hard to believe that John Fetterman could even win a pie-eating contest considering […]

California is not in a drought, wastes water

“California is not in a drought, wastes water,” Monterey Herald – Nov. 4, 2022 California has been setting the record for wasting precious rainfall. For four decades the state with one party rule has not built one major water storage project, while population has doubled. Result: California lets 76% of […]


“Pelosi,” Monterey Herald – Nov. 9, 2022 Saturday’s “Cartoonist Take” showing a bloody hammer with MAGA on the handle implies Mr. Pelosi was feloniously assaulted by a Trump supporter. Consider this: the illegal alien Canadian assailant who lives in a bus with BLM stickers, in the sanctuary city of Berkeley […]

Pray for peace

“Pray for peace,” Monterey Herald – Nov. 9, 2022 Biden’s upset about enemies of democracy these days. He doesn’t want us to notice the bad news from Ukraine. Russia has destroyed about 40 percent of its power supply, meaning that large numbers of Ukrainians are at risk of freezing this […]

Horrible internment policy during WWII

“Horrible internment policy during WWII” – not published, sent to the Monterey Herald, Oct. 30, 2022 Was there no important news on Sunday?  You featured “news” from eighty years ago in the front-page, top-of-the-page headline.  Following up on her unsatisfactory history of Seaside, Carol McKibben now speaks of the horrible […]


“Midterms,” Monterey Herald – Nov. 2, 2022 Here we are two years later and the Biden administration would have you believe that all is well. How quickly folks forget how the Biden administration has made this country more divisive than ever. Crime has escalated in major cities, inflation is at […]

Water supply

“Water supply,” Monterey Herald – Nov. 2, 2022 The uncertainty of a reliable water source directly threatens job stability and our local economy. As we approach three years since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Monterey Peninsula – a community that depends on the local economy and tourism to […]

Against CRT

“Against CRT,” Monterey Herald — Oct. 29, 2022 Educating children on U.S. history is paramount. Nobody is saying otherwise. Folks are rejecting Critical Race Theory, NOT history. CRT is anti-American and is being taught in K-12 schools. Investigative journalist Christopher Rufo finds that CRT has permeated our universities, bureaucracies and […]

What school board lacks

“What school board lacks,” Carmel School Board — Oct. 28, 2022 Letter writers Ted Knight, Bill Schrier, and Lisa Brazil must know that the big problems with our government-run educational system are not isolated issues. For instance, the Carmel Unified School District board members earlier this year held a public […]

Creeping Marxism

“Creeping Marxism,” Carmel Pine Cone – Oct. 28, 2022 At this critical time in our nation’s history, we need candidates like Lawrence Samuels. As a prominent Libertarian, Samuels has the intellectual tools to fight the creeping Marxism infecting even our local schools. Critical race theory, transgenderism, and other such Democratic […]

Rein in spending

“‘Rein in spending,’” Carmel Pine Cone – Oct. 28, 2022 It is important to elect new leadership to the Carmel City Council on Nov. 8. I write this letter in support of Alissandra Dramov, who is an independent new voice not beholden to any present faction now on the council. […]

Ins and Outs

“Ins and Outs,” Monterey County Weekly – October 22, 2022 The latest reporting on the disgraced Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Task Force incident was so slanted and continued to minimize this incident (“Pacific Grove diversity task force chair and council candidate apologizes for tweet,” posted Oct. 12). To add insult […]

Run to Win 2

“Run to Win 2,” Monterey County Weekly – October 22, 2022 Gov. Gavin Newsom’s war on our use of natural gas furnaces and hot water heaters will do little to reduce overall global climate change. What we can expect from his decision is an even bigger increase in our electric […]

Taking away home heating

“Taking away home heating,” Carmel Pine Cone – Oct. 21, 2022 Monterey County is proposing to outlaw gas furnaces in all of our homes, in favor of electric fired units. Let’s examine the facts. Firstly, operating costs of electric heaters are four times that of gas furnaces. Secondly, electric heating […]

Democrats should listen to Tulsi Gabbard’s message

“Democrats should listen to Tulsi Gabbard’s message,” Monterey Herald – October 19, 2022 It is time that rank-and-file Democrats discover what is happening to their party. Tulsi Gabbard, the former Hawaiian congresswoman, vice chair of the Democratic National Committee, and a Democratic presidential candidate in 2020, is leaving her party […]

Time for change

“Time for change,” Monterey Herald – October 16, 2022 A quick riff on a popular saying: the definition of insanity is the re-election of politicians whose time in office has been an abject failure. Under Governor Newsom we have the highest gas prices and income taxes in the nation, constant […]

Must vote’ for Lawrence Samuels

“‘Must vote’ for Lawrence Samuels,” Carmel Pine Cone – Oct. 14, 2022 A vote for Lawrence Samuels for the Carmel Unified School District Board is a vote to protect our children from the insidious Marxist and transgender movements infecting our nation’s schools. As a parent of Carmel High School graduates, […]

No accountability

“No accountability,” Carmel Pine Cone—Oct. 14, 2022 The title of Measure Q is so full of promise — “The safe, affordable, quality childcare act of Monterey County”— yet, after thoroughly reading the text of the measure, I am sickened by the deception I read in the details. Proponents continue to […]

Socialism in P.G.?

“Socialism in P.G.?” Carmel Pine Cone – Oct. 14, 2022 Pacific Grove City Councilwoman Jenny McAdams’ suggestion of a vacancy tax is reprehensible and a disgusting example of an out-of-control government bureaucracy that has turned against its citizens. Any elected official that would even consider this “behind the Iron Curtain” […]

Measure Q fails

“Measure Q fails,” Monterey Herald—Oct. 12, 2022 Measure Q promises: Safe, affordable, quality childcare in Monterey County. It will be anything but that. Why do our public servants think another property tax will solve the problem of the high cost of raising a family in Monterey County? Has no one […]

Vote against the Democrat agenda

“Vote against the Democrat agenda,” Monterey Herald – Oct. 9, 2022 The Democrat party’s policies have increased homelessness in California and America tremendously. They have increased crime greatly and increased inflation massively, which has led to wage decreases, because of the rise in costs on energy, food, and other basic […]

Too many taxes

“Too many taxes,” Carmel Pine Cone—Oct. 7, 2022 Measure Q is a parcel tax on landowners to fund childcare. While on the surface this is a laudable goal, the tax is unfairly allocated to homeowners. This tax will principally benefit the agriculture and the hospitality industries. Ag parcels are exempt […]

Climate change

“Climate change,” Monterey Herald – Oct. 5, 2022 I have to protest the Herald’s Oct. 1 editorial cartoon on climate change deniers. What the cartoon failed to mention is that there have been no hurricanes in the Atlantic Ocean in the months of July or August and only two in […]

Tesla experimenting with coastal residents’ health

“Tesla experimenting with coastal residents’ health,” The Mercury News — Sept. 23, 2022 Re. “Highway 1 reopened in Moss Landing following fire in Tesla Megapack battery storage facility,” Sept. 20: On Sept. 20 massive toxic clouds emanated from the nation’s largest battery plant. Highway 1 was closed for 12 hours […]

Tom Tomorrow cartoons exceedingly hateful

“Tom Tomorrow cartoons exceedingly hateful,” Monterey County Weekly, sent in but unpublished, Sept. 2022 This letter to the editor is in reference to not just this week’s paper but applies to many prior editions I have read.  I trust you will read this and even post it in next week’s Opinion […]

Keep natural gas

“Keep natural gas,” Carmel Pine Cone – Sept. 30, 2022 The California Air Resources Board has recently approved a ban on natural gas furnaces and heaters. The unanimous decision aims to phase out the sale of natural gas space and water heaters by 2030. California is the first state in […]

Fired Up 2

“Fired Up 2,” Monterey County Weekly – Sept. 29, 2022 There needs to be an investigative report done on that fire (“Smoke and fire at the Moss Landing battery plants raise serious questions,” posted Sept. 21). There is not a coffee shop nor bar nor restaurant in this county where […]

Fired Up 1

“Fired Up 1,” Monterey County Weekly – Sept. 29, 2022 It is easy to ignore the hidden cost of electric cars: more stress on the power grid, exploitative mining operations in third world countries, hazardous waste, now toxic fumes, but… zero emissions! (“Fire at PG&E’s Moss Landing battery plant causes […]

The dangers of ‘send’

“The dangers of ‘send’,” Carmel Pine Cone – Sept. 23, 2022 Some people have a compunction to express their thoughts and opinions on social media and, unfortunately for them, press “send.” This is obviously the case with Ms. Rau, who has absolutely no business being on any so-called diversity, equality […]

The epitome

“The epitome,” Carmel Pine Cone – Sept. 23, 2022 It seems that Ms. Snowflake, Tina Rau, Pacific Grove’s chair of diversity, equity, and inclusion, no less, is offended by anyone who believes in God, based on her social media comments mocking Christians. She epitomizes what uber liberals stand for, and […]

Electric fantasy

“Electric fantasy,” Carmel Pine Cone – Sept. 16, 2022 A week ago, Governor Newsom signed a law requiring that all new cars should be electric by 2035 — effectively banning gasoline cars. The very next day, a government agency asked everyone to refrain from charging electric cars due to possible […]

Office Politics

“Office Politics,” Monterey Coast Weekly – Sept. 15. 2022 Why would people who are competent and busy want to run for office? Disclosure requirements are invasive and the electoral process is toxic (“Healthy competition is good for democracy; there are 102 uncontested elections in Monterey County this November,” posted Sept. […]

The real threats to democracy

“The real threats to democracy,” Monterey Herald – September 11, 2022 What President Biden, Democrats and liberals say about semi-fascism is laughable. Only one president, Biden and his DOJ, goes after political opponents with arrests and middle of the night, draconian raids at their homes and airports. Only ex-deep state […]

History repeating?

“History repeating?” Monterey Herald – September 11, 2022 Some 50 years ago, E. Howard Hunt and Gordon Liddy broke into the Watergate hotel to find secret files that belonged to Daniel Ellsberg, best known as the man who leaked the Pentagon Papers to the New York Times. The Pentagon Papers […]

Weighing in on what exactly is fascism

“Weighing in on what exactly is fascism,” Monterey Herald—September 10, 2022 I feel obligated to weigh in on the issue of what is fascism since I have been writing about it for over forty years. Both the German National Socialists and Italian Fascists were authoritarian socialists on the “Left.” I’m […]

Democrats’ social programs are fascist

“Democrats’ social programs are fascist,” Monterey Herald—September 3, 2022 President Biden’s claim that the people opposing him (Republicans) are “semi-fascist” is completely backward. The German National Socialists and Italian Fascists’ policies were more in alignment with the current crop of Democrats and Democratic Socialists. Historically based policies of fascism included: […]

College graduates earn far more money

“College graduates earn far more money,” Monterey Herald – August 30, 2022 The Internet job site Indeed reports that the median wage for college grads between the ages of 22 and 27 is $61,000 a year, while that of those in that age range with only a high school education […]

Student loan forgiveness #2

“Student loan forgiveness #2,” Monterey Herald – August 28, 2022 Hundreds of thousands of Americans who have already repaid student loan debt should be outraged with Joe Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan. You, the taxpayer, will be responsible for paying back these loans to people you don’t even know. Early […]

Student loan forgiveness #1

“Student loan forgiveness #1,” Monterey Herald – August 28, 2022 Dictator Biden just signed a decree to spend taxpayers’ money without the approval of Congress. Congress is supposed to make changes affecting the nation’s purse, not the executive branch! He canceled and lowered many college loans, which could cost us all […]

Is man the cause?

Is man the cause? Carmel Pine Cone – August 26, 2022 Your editorial, “Nuclear or bust,” assumes the widely held view that man’s actions are responsible for climate change. But are they? Long ago we had the “ice age,” no humans were present and the age ended “naturally.” Nature has […]

Criticizing FBI search of Trump’s residence

“Criticizing FBI search of Trump’s residence,” Monterey Herald – August 24, 2022 Mar-a-Lago. This cannot stand! This should not stand!  This clear extension of FBI/DOJ police powers proved the decadence of the Ruling Class and Administrative State. People wonder how the sophisticated society of Germany in the 1930s could allow […]

Vote for law-and-order Republican candidates

“Vote for law-and-order Republican candidates,” Monterey Herald – August 24, 2022 Thanks to current leadership’s message to “defund the police,” many police officers have left their jobs, leaving communities vulnerable to increased crime and putting the police in more danger. Criminals continue to burglarize homes, shoplift, break into autos, engage […]

Democrats deceive

“Democrats deceive,” Monterey Herald – August 16, 2022 Biden has been officially nominated for the “Lie of the Year Award” by many media sources with his absurd inflation speech. Firstly, to state that all countries of the world are experiencing as high an inflation rate as the U.S. rate which […]

Beyond the spin

“Beyond the spin,” Monterey Herald – August 14, 2022 All of our problems have now been solved.  President Biden needs only to wave his magic wand and everything is good again. With a flick of his wrist, inflation is now at “zero,” not the 8.5 percent announced by the U.S. […]

Crossed a threshold

“Crossed a threshold,” Carmel Pine Cone – August 12, 2022 A line in the sand has been drawn by the raid on Mar-A-Lago. Those who know their history may recognize the noble but futile historical event to which I refer. Hopefully this does not end the same. There can be […]

Mar-a-Lago search

“Mar-a-Lago search,” Monterey Herald – August 11, 2022 I can’t help but wonder what it is that the FBI and the Secret Service are so desperate to find at Mar-a-Lago. My suspicious nature makes me wonder if it’s something that incriminates them. Maybe that’s why they’re so desperate to find […]

Congressional priorities

“Congressional priorities,” Monterey Herald – August 11, 2022 If Trump were ever asked to testify in his defense for the Jan. 6 committee, he would have pretty good evidence for his case by quoting his speech on that day. Trump never said to go into the capital building or cause […]


“Misnamed?” Monterey Herald – August 11, 2022 The Democrats’ so-called “Inflation Reduction Bill”  is a lie.  When corporations are subjected to any new tax increase, they will pass the increase on to consumers, adding to inflation. Another costly lie, another reason to vote Republican. — Vince Tuminello, Pacific Grove

Do better Mr. President

“Do better Mr. President,” Monterey Herald – July 7, 2022 Dear Mr. President, I would like to ask you why hate America and Americans so much? You and your family have prospered in this country, becoming multi-millionaires. Your economic program has made Americans poorer.  Food is up 15%, electricity is […]

Embrace private schooling

“Embrace private schooling,” Carmel Pine Cone – Aug. 5, 2022 In a time of recession and rising inflation, we should not even consider hiking property taxes for childcare. After all, people should only pay for what they get. This means that citizens without children, or with grown-up children, should never […]

‘Orwellian fantasy’

“‘Orwellian fantasy,’’’ Carmel Pine Cone – July 29, 2022 The decision of the Monterey County counsel that the statue of St. Junipero Serra could not be returned to its former position at the intersection of Camino del Monte and Serra Avenue is at best legally spurious and at worst, cowardly. […]

Serra statue removal

“Serra statue removal,” Carmel Pine Cone – July 29, 2022 It’s obvious the Monterey County counsel took advantage of the Serra statue removal for alleged safekeeping as an excuse to not return it to its proper resting place, where it has stood for a century. In the county government’s further […]

Art and history

“Art and history,” Carmel Pine Cone – July 29, 2022 Two years ago, the Serra statue in Carmel was removed for fear it would be vandalized. This went along with a petition, which may have been related to the threats to vandalize the Serra statue, insisting that the Carmel High […]

Water is our most pressing issue

“Water is our most pressing issue,” Monterey Herald – July 28, 2022 In Saturday’s opinion section there was a commentary piece entitled “Bullet train gets a reprieve.” At some point in the past, the Herald featured a cartoon depicting an elevated high-speed train racing through a barren desert scape littered […]

Tactless foreign diplomacy

“Tactless foreign diplomacy,” Monterey Herald – July 28, 2022 During Biden’s tour of the Middle East, he said at press conferences he didn’t plan to raise the subject of the Khashoggi murder with the Saudis because his first priority was oil production and energy prices. But he caved in to […]

Biden and COVID

“Biden and COVID,” Monterey Herald – July 24, 2022 President Biden recently contracted COVID-19. I hope he does well, but he apparently lied to the public about being vaccinated. Back on July 21, 2021, Joe Biden asserted at a CNN Town Hall, “You’re not going to get COVID if you […]

Climate Not Driven by Human Action

“Climate Not Driven by Human Action,” not published —  Submitted July 3, 2022 to Monterey Herald Global warming is NOT driven by human activities, as some have recently attested. Climatologists and chaologists have proven this many times.  If humans were responsible for climate change, then why was the Roman Warm […]

Considering gender

 “Considering gender,” Monterey Herald – July 24, 2022 In this asinine period of woke-ness that we are experiencing and expected to believe is universally accepted, a particular thought comes to mind. It is my belief there is not even one woman in a million expecting a child that would ask […]

Abuse of the process

“Abuse of the process,” Carmel Pine Cone – July 2022 Last week’s editorial is correct. The request for records connected to the installation of lights at Carmel High School is a “blatant abuse”. The same can be said for the abusive use of CEQA. Unfortunately, the current law does not […]

The new deal is a raw deal

“The new deal is a raw deal,” Monterey Herald – July 21, 2022 Zoe Lofgren’s elite Silicon Valley donors are making millions with her progressive caucus votes in Congress. Let’s examine the effects on the majority of residents of District 18: 1) Skyrocketing gas prices due to her war on […]

Witch hunt

“Witch hunt,” Monterey Herald – July 21, 2022 As if four years of witch hunting wasn’t enough, and with all the current political ineptness, some people still seem more interested in continuing to make accusations bashing former  President Trump rather than solving our growing politically-based problems.  We should be focusing […]

Has Anyone in Washington Run a Business?

“Has Anyone in Washington Run a Business? George McGovern learned the hard way. Now, it’s President Biden’s turn,” Wall Street Journal –July 20, 2022, print edition. Your editorial reminds me of a stunning admission by George McGovern in his famous article in the Journal (“A Politician’s Dream is a Businessman’s […]

No fireworks measure

“No fireworks measure,” Monterey Herald – July 13, 2022 In their July 7 meeting, Seaside’s City Council members lamented that illegal firework activity increases each year, despite ongoing efforts to curb it. They’re considering a measure for the November ballot that lets voters decide whether to ban “Safe & Sane” […]

Government at fault

“Government at fault,” Carmel Pine Cone – July 15, 2022 With reference to the Pine Cone’s July 8 front-page article, Cal Am cites a significant price increase being forced on them to purchase 3,500 acre-feet of water from Pure Water Monterey each year. With today’s runaway inflation, it is disturbing […]

Question authority

“‘Question authority,’” Carmel Pine Cone – July 15, 2022 Apparently the masks are coming back, soon to be followed by mandates. No doubt soon to be followed by nationwide mail-in balloting. The definition of insanity is repeating the same behavior and expecting a different result. All we need to do […]

Biden, Lofgren’s sacrifice energy independence

“Biden, Lofgren’s sacrifice energy independence,” San Jose Mercury – July 1 2022 Recently, President Biden announced that he would deplete our Strategic Petroleum Reserve by half to appease motorists dismayed by high gas prices. I documented at the time that this was a horrible mistake and a risk to our […]

Truthfulness and election fraud,

“Truthfulness and election fraud,” Monterey Herald – July 13, 2022 As an Independent, I have no qualms about dialoguing on the issues of politician truthfulness and election fraud. The belief that there was fraud is not because former President Trump said so. It is because 5 ½ years of abusive […]

Marina bond measure too high

“Marina bond measure too high,” Monterey Herald – July 13, 2022 Oh, Marina City Council, you are sly in how you are packaging the potential bond measure for “city facilities.”  The $53 million price tag is too high and too expansive, given that residents already taxed themselves to pay for the […]

Truth Telling

“Truth Telling,” Monterey Coast Weekly – July 7, 2022 Here we go again… another “Russian” hoax – one-sided testimony slanted to not find the truth but discredit Trump in an attempt to make him unelectable in ‘24 (“What the House select committee hearings about the Jan. 6, 2021 insurrection tell […]

Whose fault?

“Whose fault?” Carmel Pine Cone – July 8, 2022 Gas prices continue to climb with new taxes and a forecast for even higher prices as China’s economy revives. Biden knows who’s to blame for the high gas prices. It’s “the Russians, the Russians, the Russians.” He makes this nonsensical “Russians” […]

Bodies, Choices

“Bodies, Choices,” Monterey Coast Weekly – July 7, 2022 For all those screaming and yelling about this, they should understand one thing: the Constitution (“Letters,” June 30-July 6). Upon being sworn in, the justices take an oath “to support and defend the Constitution.” The Constitution says that those rights not […]


“Anti-democratic,” Monterey Herald – July 5, 2022 A recent letter to the editor concluding that Democrat Party leaders have become the greatest perpetrators of anti-democratic abuses brought to mind how the Party’s own behavior confirms the truth of the letter’s conclusion. The Democrats project their anti-democratic abuses by continuously accusing […]

Supreme Court neutral in overturning Roe v. Wade

“Supreme Court neutral in overturning Roe v. Wade,” Monterey Herald – July 2, 2022 Despite protests to the contrary, the U.S. Supreme Court honored democracy in its decision to overturn Roe vs. Wade.  The Supreme Court ruling was neutral, neither banning nor promoting abortion. The court explicitly stated that they […]

History can teach us some interesting lessons

“History can teach us some interesting lessons,” Monterey Herald –June 25, 2022 In spite of being rewritten by woke advocates, history can teach us interesting lessons. The last time gas prices doubled as fast as they have today, Jimmy Carter was president and desperately trying to release our hostages from […]

Give Ginni Thomas the opportunity to speak

“Give Ginni Thomas the opportunity to speak,” Monterey Herald – June 25, 2022 We are starting to hear accusations of impropriety against Ginni Thomas, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’s wife, in an effort by the Democratic-controlled Jan. 6 committee and its media propagandists, to defame these patriots, Ginni Thomas must […]

‘Courage calls’

“‘Courage calls,’’’ Carmel Pine Cone – June 17, 2022 The June 10 Pine Cone quotes Rep, James (Jimmy to his adherents) Panetta as claiming he “serves everybody” including Republicans.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  The Democrat Party today serves policies of internal economic turmoil, racial division, laxity of criminal […]

First Amendment for some

“First Amendment for some,” Carmel Pine Cone – June 17, 2022 As our country’s constitutional convention ended, someone asked Ben Franklin what form of government they had decided on. “A republic, if you can keep it,” was his answer. That’s not a comfortable thought, after reading your reporting on recent […]

Why investigate?

“Why investigate?” Carmel Pine Cone – June 17, 2022 Why in the world is Congress wasting our tax dollars investigating Jan. 6? If it was a real insurrection, the insurrectionists would still be occupying the Capitol. I’m thinking Congress is trying to keep us from focusing on the real issues […]

Pelosi making millions on risky stock market trades

“Pelosi making millions on risky stock market trades,” Monterey Herald – June 17, 2022 In 2021, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her husband made tens of millions on quick trades of several tech companies, during the same period she was overseeing legislation that affected the companies traded. Not surprisingly, these […]

Joe Biden should not be turning food into fuel

“Joe Biden should not be turning food into fuel,” Monterey Herald – June 17, 2022 With a looming recession, increasing inflation and worst of all food shortages, Joe Biden is putting more ethanol into our gasoline. Turning food into fuel, what does this man do that is right? Ethanol will […]

Guns and personal safety

“Guns and personal safety,” Carmel Pine Cone—June 10, 2022 Government confiscation of citizens’ guns will not help people defend themselves in an era of surging crime rates, mental illness, defunded police, and political violence. Although dozens of schoolchildren have been killed by deranged shooters, that figure is minuscule in contrast […]

Buffalo shooter was a racist, anti-semite

“Buffalo shooter was a racist, anti-semite,” Monterey Herald—June 9, 2022 I find it interesting that we now know that the Buffalo shooter was not only a racist and an anti-Semite but also a “left-wing authoritarian” activist.  He even called himself an “eco-fascist national socialist.” What makes this so fascinating is […]

Guns don’t kill people

“Guns don’t kill people,” Monterey Herald—June 4, 2022 More mass shootings More rage against guns and, of course, that means more calls for gun control. Are we missing the mark? Guns don’t pull the trigger. It takes a human being to perform that operation. Many, many more people are killed […]

Violation of free enterprise

“Violation of free enterprise,” Monterey Herald – June 5, 2022 The Seaside City Council, at its May 19 meeting, voted 3-1 to deny a permit for a local marijuana dispensary to expand. This dispensary is already open for business in Seaside. It was seeking to expand. It is disappointing that […]

Best choice for Congress

“Best choice for Congress,” Carmel Pine Cone – June 3, 2022 Eighty-three percent of Americans agree the United States is on the wrong track. Our Congressional incumbent is an integral part of the problem, bringing us high gas prices (by removing energy independence), high crime (by defunding police), enhancing power […]

Associated Press report on Buffalo was incomplete

“Associated Press report on Buffalo was incomplete,” Monterey Herald, June 2, 2022 It is quite common for the Associated Press to leave out vital information, which makes it difficult to reach reliable conclusions. Their report about the May 14 racist massacre of 10 African Americans in Buffalo did not provide […]

Passing more gun control won’t prevent tragedies

“Passing more gun control won’t prevent tragedies,” Monterey Herald—May 27, 2022 Many have asked regarding recent school shootings what they can do. If we emphasize the value of life to our families and friends, there will be less tragedies. If you compare the FBI’s crime statistics for murder versus poverty […]

Gun Violence

“Gun Violence” – Monterey Herald, May 29, 2022 We have progressively separated ourselves from one another through lesser forms of communication. By doing so, we have dehumanized ourselves to others. Parents are so used to these lesser forms of communication that they have forgotten the natural forms of communication that […]

Reckless spending

“‘Reckless spending,’” Carmel Pine Cone – May 27, 2022 I loved the editor’s recent quote from Barbara Tuchman: It’s common for heads of state and military leaders to find themselves caught “between the rocks of conscience and the shoals of political reality.” Timely quote. Tuchman’s most compelling history book, “The […]

When will media tell the truth?

“When will media tell the truth?” Carmel Pine Cone – May 27, 2022 If you believe the Los Angeles Times, the Buffalo shooter who left 10 dead on May 14 emerged from “a far-right ecosystem.” A Rolling Stone headline echoed the claim: “The Buffalo Shooter Isn’t a ‘Lone Wolf.’ He’s […]

Biden’s ‘great replacement’ speech

“Biden’s ‘great replacement’ speech,”—submitted to Monterey Herald, May 24, 2022—Not Published The Herald editorial “The Evil that ‘great replacement’ has wrought” seems to want to kill the messenger. Tucker Carlson recently highlighted the un-American desire of left-wing elites to let millions of non-Americans cross our borders for partisan politics. He […]

The infant formula shortage was foreseen

“The infant formula shortage was foreseen,”— submitted to the Santa Cruz Sentinel, May 15, 2022 – not published Severe shortages of vital infant formula rage across the USA. This shortage was foreseen months ago and the White House failed to act. In fact, the government has been instrumental in causing […]

Student loans

“Student loans,” Monterey Herald — May 18, 2022 Student loans are absolutely a personal responsibility as are car loans, home loans, etc. In fact, by forgiving student loans, Joe Biden will throw our country further into debt (more than what he already has) to the tune of over $1.6 trillion by […]

Clean up voter registrations

“Clean up voter registrations,” Carmel Pine Cone–May 13, 2022 Anyone who doubts that California’s voter records are not up to date and are subject to fraud should consider the endless stream of mail-in ballots my oldest son keeps receiving. He moved to Nevada more than nine years ago, changing to […]

Life with no Constitution

“Life with no Constitution,” Carmel Pine Cone—May 13, 2022 Recently your editorial asked, “What would this country be like if we didn’t have the Constitution?” The answer is that it would be like parents having no rights over what their children are taught in schools, and their 12-year-old kids allowed […]


“Medi-Cal,” Monterey Herald – May 11, 2022 Years ago when immigration was expanding I worried about a person sponsoring an aging parent who would immediately get Medi-Cal, expensive medical care without having contributed anything to the country. Now it’s worse.  Any 50-year-old or under 25 years old can cross the […]

Gender differences

 “Gender differences,” Monterey Herald – May 11, 2022 I read with interest Megan McArdle’s commentary on the Women’s Movement.  To quote her: “We grew up on women’s issues,’  ‘women’s rights,’ ‘women’s liberation’; now suddenly those issues and rights seem to belong to select bits of our anatomy. It was always […]

No mention of gays

“No mention of gays,” Monterey Herald – May 11, 2022 I wish Washington Post writers like E.J. Dionne, Jr. would simply do diligent research. In his May 3 column, he erroneously implies that Governor Ron DeSantis signed an anti-gay bill, which caused the Disney Corporation and the state of Florida […]


“Self-ownership,” Monterey Herald – May 10, 2022 People do own their bodies, which deals with a host of liberties beyond just abortion. This self-ownership principle from John Locke means that all individuals have a constitutional right to keep whatever wealth they make. The anti-slavery 13th Amendment of 1865 banned “involuntary […]

Better than the alternative

“Better than the alternative,” Carmel Pine Cone – May 6, 2022 It’s rare that I find myself disagreeing with a Pine Cone editorial, but last week’s editorial, “Suffer the Children,” deserves another perspective. Prop. 13 was not “deliberately structured in California to charge the oldest and richest people the lowest […]

Nothing racist about it

“Nothing racist about it,” Carmel Pine Cone – May 6, 2022 Pacific Grove is being urged to apologize for the past mistreatment of Chinese immigrants, as well as for discriminatory property deeds (outlawed), and finally for the “racist” Feast of Lanterns. I have no objection to the city apologizing for […]

Wasn’t here in 1892

“Wasn’t here in 1892,” Carmel Pine Cone – May 6, 2022 Pacific Gove’s “diversity, equity and inclusion” task force should know the following: As a resident of P.G., I am one-half German on my father’s side and one-quarter Irish and one-quarter Dutch on my mother’s side. That means that based […]

Free speech

“Free speech,” Monterey Herald – May 4, 2022 As Americans, we should all believe in our constitution and the fundamental right of free speech. The buy out of Twitter by Elon Musk will now allow conservatives to have a voice without being banned. Time will tell how Musk will make […]

Addressing student debt

“Addressing student debt,” Monterey Herald – May 4, 2022 Relief of student debt in outrageous. What about those with crushing medical bills, such as cancer patients, accident victims and seniors who need elder care? To name but a few. Cancer, illness, accidents and aging are not choices, student debt is. […]

Opposing California’s Assembly Bill 2098

“Opposing California’s Assembly Bill 2098,” Monterey Herald – April 23, 2022 Assembly Bill 2098, working through the California Legislature, threatens doctors with disciplinary action, including loss of license, if they dispense “misinformation” about COVID treatment. The language of the bill itself is vague about what constitutes “misinformation,” which makes the […]

The southern border

“The southern border,” Monterey Herald – April 21, 2022 Jimmy Panetta goes to visit the Poland-Ukraine border, on our taxpayers’ dime, while thousands flow through our southern border with eyewitness stories of rape trees, dehydrated children hiding in ranchers’ barns, and American fentanyl deaths over 105,000. And Panetta is eerily […]

No Second Amendment for people living in China

“No Second Amendment for people living in China,” Monterey Herald – April 19, 2022 The residents of Shanghai, China, have been starving since the draconian April 5 COVID-19 lockdown. The streets are ghost-town empty. Little or no food is being delivered in a city of 25 million people. Videos flood […]

Masks in schools

“Masks in schools,” Monterey Herald – April 17, 2022 There have been protests this week at Spreckles Elementary School. Adults are allowed to unmask today, but our children cannot. The Monterey County of Education put out a press release signed by Eric Tarallo, Superintendent of Spreckles School, stating the masking […]

No prize for Biden

“No prize for Biden,” Monterey Herald – April 13, 2022 Honestly, to think Biden deserves a Nobel Peace Prize, Herald letter writers must live in an alternative universe with alternative facts. First, one letter writer states Biden should have a peace prize for supporting a war in Ukraine with more […]

Funding both sides of war

“Funding both sides of war,” Monterey Herald – April 12, 2022 How asinine! Biden is funding both sides of the war and we are talking about billions of dollars. Russia, with $200 billion over the last year in oil and gas purchases, including the European carve-out for Russia’s fossil fuel […]

Don’t pick on oil companies

“Don’t pick on oil companies,” Monterey Herald – April 9, 2022 Blaming oil company CEOs for the price increases they don’t really control is one of those theatrical performances Democrats love. Remember Joe Biden declared war on the fossil fuel industry in 2019!  It would be better to point out […]

New York Post faces

“New York Post faces,” Carmel Pine Cone – April 8, 2022 To all of those intelligence “experts” whose pictures appeared on the front of the New York Post: You are responsible for the devastation going on in our world today. I read Miranda Devine’s book about the corrupt Biden family. […]

Don’t touch reserve

Don’t touch reserve”, Monterey Herald – April 6, 2022 Our Strategic Petroleum Reserve is meant for use in national catastrophes, not for tweaking the retail price of gas. Biden is drawing down these critical reserves clearly to buy votes in the mid-term elections. When he last invoked this use in […]

Void Prop 19

Void Prop 19, Monterey Herald – April 6, 2022 In November 2020, Proposition 19 narrowly passed. Television commercials in support focused on the protections it provided to persons who lost their property to natural disaster and elderly property owners who wanted to transfer their property tax basis to a different […]

Small pool

“Small pool”, Monterey Herald – April 6, 2022 We should always assume that a Supreme Court Justice is the most qualified person to earn that title. No one, including Ketanja Brown Jackson, can now honestly say that. Biden, by eliminating all white people from that pool, eliminated 50% of possible […]

Everyone must prepare for new hunger-extermination

“Everyone must prepare for new hunger-extermination”, Monterey Herald – April 2, 2022 On April 12, 2021, I explained in a Herald letter, “When the Ukraine was disarmed and starved, historians recall what happened: Holodomor (hunger-extermination). This was a loss of 3 million people — due to government policy. In the […]

Gavin Newsom should bring back nuclear power

“Gavin Newsom should bring back nuclear power”, Monterey Herald – March 29, 2022 Our governor seems so environmentally concerned and aware, so why is California very last in air quality in all of America!? (1) Closing of nuclear power plants, the cleanest and most sustainable source of grid base load […]

Kavanaugh, Coney Barrett were attacked by Dems

“Kavanaugh, Coney Barrett were attacked by Dems”, Monterey Herald – March 29, 2022 It’s quite interesting to listen to the left-sided media bias about the “character assassination” of Ketanji Brown-Jackson. How quickly the media avoided any mention of the character assignations by Democratic senators of Justices Brett Kavanaugh and Amy […]

PG&E rates are highest in the nation

“PG&E rates are highest in the nation”, Santa Cruz Sentinel — March 30, 2022 PGE rates are 80% higher than the average state, chiefly due to the dramatic subsidies to wind and solar. California is closing its nuclear plants, which are zero emission and highly economically efficient, simply to “virtue […]

‘No’ on sales tax increase

“‘No’ on sales tax increase”, Carmel Pine Cone – March 25, 2022 In his state of the city comments in February, Mayor Bill Peake said Pacific Grove is in great shape. Then one of the councilwomen had a coffee meeting with people and said the same thing. I would like […]

Helping with Javelins

“Helping with Javelins”, Monterey Herald – March 2, 2022 For Ukraine, the Javelin missiles are the single most effective defense tool in fighting the Russian invasion. Knowing this, Trump sent 210 Javelin missiles to Ukraine in March 2018. Now when Biden took office, and in spite of Russia’s clear threat […]

Pendulum Swinging”

“Pendulum Swinging”, MC Weekly – March 17, 2022 Leaning too far left or too far right causes instability (“Local school districts are caught in the middle of the culture wars as the right tries to gain control,” March 3-9). The state and school system need to tilt back some to […]

Blame Washington

“Blame Washington”, Monterey Herald – March 15, 2022 Few people are willing to rightfully blame excessive Democrat spending, their war on fossil fuels, and poor Federal Reserve policies for the current inflation. Add Biden‘s weakness in international affairs and you have the recipe for further distress.  — Vince Tuminello, Pacific […]

The price of gas

“The price of gas”, Carmel Pine Cone – March 11, 2022 Alrighty then. Fuel has broken the $6 dollar-a-gallon mark locally, and I think we need to take a look at why. Other than the fact that our president all but shut down oil production in the United States, it […]

Dysfunctional practices’

“Dysfunctional practices’”, Carmel Pine Cone – March 11, 2022 Many thanks to you for having the courage to speak out on the conditions that have led to Pacific Grove police officer Michael Gonzales’s dismissal. Political correctness and, in particular, the inability to have an honest and candid public conversation about […]

Scorched earth

“Scorched earth”, Monterey Herald—Submitted March 3, 2022, Not Published It is tiresome to read newspaper articles about the apocalyptic fear of a scorched earth. Americans are spending billions and wrecking our economy over something they cannot control. During the ancient Greek and Roman period, worldwide temperatures were 5 degrees hotter […]

Weak sanctions

“Weak sanctions”, Monterey Herald – March 8, 2022 Democrats could not have derived weaker sanctions. First, the White House said sanctions were to deter Russia; within two days they said sanctions would take at least a month and are not meant to deter. The ban from SWIFT banking would have […]

Electric vehicles actually are high polluters

“Electric vehicles actually are high polluters”, Santa Cruz Sentinel—February 18, 2022 Electric vehicles are the highest polluting of all vehicle types. Those promoting electric cars fail to mention that the electricity itself is generated with a large fraction of fossil fuel combustion. But the bigger problem is that an electric […]

Acting like children

“Acting like children”, Carmel Pine Cone – Feb. 25, 2022 Wonderful work to eliminate the Feast of Lanterns. Now is the time to eliminate some of the other racist festivals uncovered by the experts: Oktoberfest and Mayfest, Cinco de Mayo, Thanksgiving, Cherry Blossom Festival and Chinese New Year — to […]

Kudos to cartoonist River’s OBEY

“Kudos to cartoonist River’s OBEY”, Monterey Herald, not published, submitted Feb. 13, 2022 Kudos to cartoonist River’s “OBEY” editorial cartoon on Feb. 12 in the Monterey Herald. This recognition that “Democrats create a fascist state while ostensibly fighting fascism” is historically accurate. Franklin D. Roosevelt was enamored with Benito Mussolini […]

Should children have rules?

“Should children have rules?” Union Democrat (Sonora) – Feb. 19, 2022 Do our children deserve to live in a free society? Some say no – as they will not be capable of making decisions about their life and must be controlled and taken care of. Some say yes – as they, as […]

Reaction to editorial cartoon OBEY-2

“Reaction to editorial cartoon OBEY-2”, Monterey Herald—Feb. 15, 2022 Wow! Thank you! We are all hurting over the mandates in one way or another. And they no longer make any sense. Super Bowl is open and mask-free, yet the children must wear them at school, and public buildings still mandate […]

Reaction to editorial cartoon OBEY

“Reaction to editorial cartoon OBEY”, Monterey Herald—Feb. 15, 2022 My congratulations to the Monterey Herald for printing the editorial cartoon describing todays’ world in the Saturday paper.  “OBEY. Do what the media tells you. Do not think for yourself.  Do not question authority. Crush all dissent. Silence all wrong speak. […]

Feast of Lanterns

“Feast of Lanterns”, Monterey Herald—Feb. 15, 2022 It saddens me that a radical few seek to do away with one of the city’s most impactful events which benefit everyone – the Feast of Lanterns. This is a fun annual community celebration; but it also gives several young women and men […]

Vaccination of children very disturbing

“Vaccination of children very disturbing”, Carmel Pine Cone, not published, submitted January 28, 2022 The pressure from many sources to vaccinate children against Covid is very disturbing  To date, 727 children from birth to 18 years of age have died in this country of Covid since the beginning of the pandemic, […]

On wrong side of history

“On wrong side of history”, Monterey Herald – January 8, 2022 It is hard to believe that anybody would oppose a Chinese love story, considering the push for more diversity. Most Americans welcome all types of tales and fables from other lands. The Feast of Lanterns is one such festival […]

Lantern festival honors Chinese

“Lantern festival honors Chinese”, Monterey Herald—January 8, 2022 Lantern Festival celebrations began around 2,000 years ago during the Han Dynasty (202 BCE-220 CE). The holiday’s exact origins are somewhat unclear. Several different origin stories are used to explain where the festival came from. One of the most common stories is […]

Republicans need to go on offensive

“Republicans need to go on offensive”, Monterey Herald—January 4, 2022 How many times has Biden been accused of a crime? Too many times to count. And yet, he has never been convicted. We have been told nobody is above the law in this country. Does anybody actually believe this? Are […]

Best for the job

“Best for the job”, Monterey Herald – January 4, 2022 It’s still a mystery among many in the entertainment media why Cheslie Kryst, a former Miss USA winner and successful journalist, suddenly decided to leap from the ninth floor of her New York apartment. Maybe she was lonely and depressed […]

Prior infection

“Prior infection”, Carmel Pine Cone – January 4, 2022 In the fall of 2021, CHOMP, Memorial and Natividad laid off their employees who refused to get the coronavirus vaccine. I wrote the three hospital boards that their policy was unwise, unjust and unscientific. The hospitals refused to recognize natural immunity […]

Nuclear ‘drastically needed’

“Nuclear ‘drastically needed’”, Carmel Pine Cone – January 4, 2022 I’m reading the editorial in your Jan. 28 edition regarding nuclear power. Bravo! We drastically need this power source. Please continue to champion this safe, long-lasting, affordable power. Our Navy figured it out decades ago. We would also benefit here […]

Deaths by Omicron at 115

“Deaths by Omicron at 115”, Monterey Herald, unpublished, submitted January 23, 2022 There is a lot of fear arising from the Omicron variant. The daily number of Omicron infections reached all-time highs. Hospitals are overflowing with patients at unheard-of levels. But what is not being reported is the number of […]

Voter photo ID

“Voter photo ID”, Monterey Herald – January 30, 2022 An overwhelming percentage of Americans favor using voter photo ID, which the Democratic Party-sponsored bill would annihilate. Americans use a photo ID in just about every aspect of life; air travel, to obtain medical care or hospitalization, vehicle driving, banking, investing, […]

Avoiding war

“Avoiding war”, Monterey Herald – January 30, 2022 Why do our leaders so often turn to the military for solutions when problems arise between nations? Putin’s Russia is economically dependent on selling its oil to Europe, and Europe depends on Russia’s fuel in winter. Instead of sending troops and weapons […]

How sweet it isn’t

“How sweet it isn’t”, Monterey Herald—January 23, 2022 Amazing how Joe Biden sugar-coated his first year as President in his recent press conference. It has been anything but sweet. Marc Thiessen in his recent commentary (Jan. 21) reviewed just some of the failures (but major ones) of the Biden administration. […]

‘We should not succumb’

“‘We should not succumb’”, Carmel Pine Cone – Jan. 21, 2022 There is no doubt the Wuhan virus (Covid-19) has wreaked havoc worldwide. The cost to the U.S. economy is in the multi-trillions. Deaths, while overstated, possibly to induce fear, are in the hundreds of thousands. Fear, used by our […]

Legislators should go

“Legislators should go”, Carmel Pine Cone – Jan. 21, 2022 It is hard to believe that residents of California are quietly accepting the new compost law. Mandatory composting with inspectors coming into homes to check compliance! That’s a scary example of “the slippery slope.” If this is swallowed, what else […]

‘Treated horrifically’

“‘Treated horrifically’”, Carmel Pine Cone—January 21, 2022 All political nonsense aside, why are the people who were involved in the January 6 Capitol fiasco being caged worse than animals, in jails for over a year with little or no legal representation? Regardless of your view of that day, why are […]

January 6 hyperbole

“January 6 hyperbole”–Monterey Herald—not published, submitted Jan. 7, 2022 The January 6 Capitol riot’s first anniversary was filled with an incredible dose of hyperbole. Lacking a sense of history, Vice President Harris compared the Capitol riots to the disaster at Pearl Harbor, where eight US Navy battleships were damaged, 185 […]

Jan. 6 should not be equated with Sept. 11

“Jan. 6 should not be equated with Sept. 11”, Monterey Herald—January 8, 2022 For the Biden administration to compare the Jan. 6 insurrection to Pearl Harbor, where 2,400 people were killed (and started the beginning of World War II for the United States of America where roughly half a million […]

School board dispute

“School board dispute,” Carmel Pine Cone – Dec. 31, 2021 I am the parent that Ted Knight superintendent of Carmel Unified School District called the police on for having a medical exemption to the non-binding CDPH mask guidance. He lied to you. There was no angry mob, nobody spewed expletives, […]

Poor reporting

“Poor reporting,” Carmel Pine Cone – Dec. 31, 2022  Your Dec. 17 article “School board meeting canceled after dispute over mask rules,” did not report the entire truth. Especially with school boards imploding with corruption across America, what a poor job of reporting you have done. Tracy Henderson had video footage of […]

Prioritize monoclonal antibody therapeutics

“Prioritize monoclonal antibody therapeutics”, Monterey Herald – Dec. 28, 2021 When the COVID-19 pandemic began, the world had neither vaccines nor therapeutics but now we have both. Although the current vaccines have all shown some efficacy, it is clear that all are less than optimal at preventing both transmission and […]

Pay attention to your vote

“Pay attention to your vote”, Carmel Pine Cone—Dec. 24, 2021 I am so tired of the media slanting things. The words in the next paragraph were reported by Don Thompson of the Associated Press in a story about Gov. Gavin Newsom’s announcement to spend $300 million creating jobs to combat […]

Smollett’s narcissism cheapens real hate crimes

“Smollett’s narcissism cheapens real hate crimes”, Monterey Herald—Dec. 22, 2021 Now that Jussie Smollett has been convicted of staging his own racist hate crime, it should be obvious that this type of crime is found everywhere. A vast number of hate crimes have been unmasked as self-staged hoaxes. The question […]

States run elections

“States run elections”, Carmel Pine Cone – Dec. 10, 2021 In replying to Zoë Edington’s Dec. 3 letter about the Freedom to Vote Act, I would respond that such centralization of voting borders on unconstitutionality. Under Article 1 of the U.S. Constitution, it is the state legislatures that decides where, […]

Time to be truthful and bring people together

“Time to be truthful and bring people together”, Monterey Herald – Nov. 24, 2021 Now that Kyle Rittenhouse has been acquitted on all charges, the question to ask is why this tragedy become “racialized.” No shred of evidence of racism was uncovered during the trial. A white person shot three […]

Responding to letter on Rittenhouse verdict

“Responding to letter on Rittenhouse verdict”, Monterey Herald – Nov. 24, 2021 In response to Bob Hogue’s comments on the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict: Are you disputing the video evidence (real-life footage, not fake news) presented before the court, including the judge and 12-member jury? Are you also disputing the statement, […]

The future of schools

“The future of schools”, Carmel Pine Cone—Nov. 19, 2021 The recent election of a Republican governor in a solidly blue state shines a light on the importance of education as a political issue. Virginia parents made it clear they want government out of their school system. Without their vote, Glenn […]

Democrats are divisive

“Democrats are divisive”, Monterey Herald – Nov. 9, 2021 In regards to your recent political article about divisiveness within the Republican party, please take a close look at the growing radical Democrat wing and the divisive policies and proposals of Biden’s party. Take a look at open borders, proposed compensation […]

How word is used

“How word is used”, Carmel Pine Cone – Nov. 5, 2021 Thank you for reporting on the Pacific Grove Unified School District cracking down on a teacher who had the temerity to quote Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. She was quoting from his “Letter from Birmingham Jail,” which I recommend […]

Questioning taxes

“Questioning taxes”, Monterey Herald – Nov. 3, 2021 It is hard to believe that Catherine Rampell is a writer for The Washington Post. In her Oct. 31 commentary, “The Democrats have chickened out on raising taxes” she took an extremely pro-tax and pro-big government position. There are a number of […]

Trump extremist GOP? No insurrection occurred

“Trump extremist GOP? No insurrection occurred”, Santa Cruz Sentinel — November 2, 2021 This is in response to the letter, “Trump GOP is not ‘meaningful opposition.’” I’ll start that an insurrection against our American democracy was actively supported by extremist Republicans. An insurrection did not occur, even though a liberal […]

Against billionaire tax

“Against billionaire tax”—Monterey Herald – Oct. 27, 2021 I oppose the “billionaire’s tax.”  The proposal would tax ‘”radeable assets” such as stocks even if the person only held on to them and impose extra taxes when real estate is sold.   The proposals would initially apply to “billionaires,”  but once enacted, […]

Election fraud a concern

“Election fraud a concern”, Monterey Herald – Oct. 27, 2021 Your Oct. 19 editorial “Trump asks fans to drink the Kool-aid” misses the point. In recent years, Republicans have been concerned about the long-time American practice of cheating at the polls.  Many books have recorded such incidents, including two books […]

Medical censorship

“Medical censorship”, Monterey Herald – Oct. 26, 2021 Ivermectin’s developers were awarded the Nobel Prize in 2015, the first prize for a treatment for humans against infectious disease in 63 years since streptomycin (1952). Not only has it been safe and effective against tropical diseases in humans such as onchocerciasis […]

Moral coherence needed

“Moral coherence needed”, Monterey Herald – Oct. 24, 2021 Governor Newsom’s mandate that all school children must be vaccinated against COVID took choice away from school children and parents. Does the governor have a deep protective instinct?  No. Let’s look at the whole picture.  When courts recently ordered that California […]

Quit the blame game

“Quit the blame game”, Monterey Herald—Oct. 21, 2021 It’s time to stop playing the blame game on the last administration for all that is currently going on in the country. Joe Biden and the Democratic party is choosing power and politics over the safety of our country. Take a look […]

CalPERS vs Social Security

“CalPERS vs Social Security”, Carmel Pine Cone, Oct. 15, 2021 With the retirement of Carmel’s police chief, I am reminded of the irresponsible and unconscionable debt that our state retirement system has burdened upon our community. Our police chief retired at age 53, after 23.5 years of service, to take […]

Craziness and overreach

“Craziness and overreach”, Carmel Pine Cone – Oct. 15, 2021 So much about the new food waste rules is unbelievable, it’s hard to know where to begin. I’ll begin and end with the need for washing and drying food containers like pizza cartons. With the serious drought and water restrictions […]

Toilet paper?

“Toilet paper?”  Carmel Pine Cone – Oct. 15, 2021 I read Mary Schley’s article in the Oct. 8 Pine Cone on yet more government intrusions into the lives of everyday people. Reading the handwriting on the wall, I suppose the next “item” to be on the agenda for inspection will […]

Hitler-Stalin Pact

“Hitler-Stalin Pact”, Monterey Herald—Submitted Oct. 5, 2021, Unpublished Judy Ritchie’s “Correcting the record on Hitler, World War II” Oct. 2, 2021 letter illustrates the terrible job that government schools are doing in teaching history.  No, Judy, the German National Socialists and the Soviet Union signed a formal alliance and treaty […]

Consider impeachment

“Consider impeachment”, Monterey Herald – Oct. 10, 2021 Name any event where President Trump or his military leaders ever killed innocent civilians by drone strikes without hitting enemy combatants, as Biden did recently in Afghanistan. Ten people were killed, including seven innocent children. The two “terrorists” turned out to be […]

Democratic bill is actually about social safety net

“Democratic bill is actually about social safety net”, Monterey Herald – Oct. 5. 2021 Nothing but hysteria and hyperventilation coming out of Washington these days. Every issue from statues to vaccine mandates have become political footballs, especially the $3.5 trillion “infrastructure” bill, which is really not about rebuilding roads and […]

Good and hard

“Good and hard”, Carmel Pine Cone – Sept. 24, 2021 H.L. Mencken once wrote, “The American people should get what they want and get it good and hard.” The failed recall of Gov. Newsom is a great example. California is in crisis, with rising homelessness, an increasing flow of illegal […]

Historical facts

“Historical facts”, Monterey Herald – Sept. 22, 2021 The recent “Texas going down wrong path” letter is mostly hyperbole not rooted in historical facts.  The National Socialists of Germany were extremely socialist. The Führer, for instance, declared himself a “fanatical socialist.” The Nazis enhanced socialized medicine programs, imposed nationwide price and […]

Elite Dems rescued Newsom

“Elite Dems rescued Newsom”, Monterey Herald—Sept. 22, 2021 No surprise about the results of the recall. In a state that is densely Democratic, it wouldn’t matter how Gavin Newsom governed. But not to worry … the Hollywood elite, the wealthy, and the privileged democratic party all ran to Newsom’s rescue. […]

Opposed to a mask mandate

“Opposed to a mask mandate”, Monterey Herald—Sept. 15, 2021 It’s still a mystery to me as to why Wendy Askew would introduce the first county mask mandate passed in California without the support of the health officer. Throughout the pandemic, our infection numbers have been below the state average.  Masks […]

9/11 commentary inappropriate

“9/11 commentary inappropriate”, Monterey Herald – Sept. 14, 2021 Your guest commentary on Critical Thinking on 9-/11 provoked two reactions in me. First, thank God I live in a free country where people are free to spout distorted, corrosive ideas that completely misrepresent the values and ideals we believe in, […]

Leaving Americans behind

“Leaving Americans behind”, Submitted to the Monterey Herald 9-1-2021 unpublished Was the US military withdrawal in Afghanistan highly successful?  Apparently, it was. President Biden proclaimed the evacuation from Afghanistan an “extraordinary success.” The Washington Post disagreed, and referred to this so-called success as a “moral disaster,” because of “mistakes, strategic […]

Sad legacy

“Sad legacy”, Carmel Pine Cone – Sept. 10, 2021 Two weeks prior to 9/11, I took my daughter and two sons to the North Tower of the World Trade Center for a tour. Little did we know it would be the last time we would ever stand there. On 9/11, […]

‘We have his back’

“‘We have his back’”, Carmel Pine Cone – Sept. 10, 2021 I have not been a fan of Monterey County health officer Dr. Ed Moreno because he has tended to follow the crowd rather than the science. But in recent weeks, there has been a sea change in his thinking: […]

Worrying about ballots

“Worrying about ballots”, Carmel Pine Cone—Sept. 3, 2021 It was with disbelief that I read your article on multiple ballots. “Thank you” to Carmel resident Adam Moniz for reporting this incident. Mr. Moniz notified the DMV of a change of residence in Carmel. It seems like this information should have […]

Out of sight

“Out of sight”, Carmel Pine Cone – Sept. 3, 2021 By clearing homeless sites along Highway 1, Governor Newsom will not solve the problem. Rather he’ll be, out of political necessity, moving it temporarily out of sight. He has made numerous campaign stops to tout camp closures, including one in […]

Contrary to evidence

“Contrary to evidence” Carmel Pine Cone – Sept. 3, 2021 I would like to comment on your article “Alejo asks for new indoor mask mandate” by Kelly Nix. In your article, Nix refers to an article published in the journal, Physics of Fluids, from researchers at the University of Waterloo. […]

Masks don’t work

“Masks don’t work”, Carmel Pine Cone – Sept. 3, 2021 I note with concern the Monterey County Board of Supervisors’ recent proposal to reinstitute an indoor mask mandate despite no such recommendation from the county health officer. I am a Monterey County physician board-certified in laboratory medicine, which includes the […]

When will nightmare end?

“When will nightmare end?”, Monterey Herald and MC Weekly—Unpublished, submitted 8-27-2021 When is this nightmare going to end? The Delta variant is one of the common effects of a virus. There will be more variants so how many will cause you to stop using these mandates?  When will you realize […]

California’s report card

“California’s report card”,  Bakersfield Californian – Aug. 31, 2021 California has had one-party rule for decades; here’s the report card outcome: Number 49 state in affordable housing. Homelessness ranks top in nation (#2 not even close). Tied in top four in unemployment per capita. Fourth highest in number of families […]

Biggest fire threat

“Biggest fire threat”, Carmel Pine Cone – Aug. 27, 2021 Gov. Gavin Newsom blocked anyone from removing homeless encampments along Highway 1. This reckless move posed imminent fire danger to most residents of Carmel-by-the-Sea, Monterey, Pacific Grove, Pebble Beach, Tehama and Monterra. Many of our recent California wildfires have emanated […]

Panetta silent on cops

“Panetta silent on cops”—Carmel Pine Cone – Aug. 27, 2021 Thank you for reporting Jimmy Panetta’s views on Afghanistan, though I truly wish he would not mince words about the Salinas police force being defunded of $1.4 million. Salinas is one of the most violent cities in the United States, […]

Another Biden Debacle

“Another Biden Debacle”, Monterey Herald – Aug. 26, 2021 Notwithstanding the fact that it was time for America to leave Afghanistan, the manner in which Joe Biden has done it should make you question his decision making; just like the mess he has created at our southern borders. If you […]

A better plan

“A better plan”, Monterey Herald – Aug. 26, 2021 Biden’s claim that there was no way to prevent the catastrophe in Kabul is untrue. Step 1.  List all of the civilians that may have to be evacuated and begin screening and vetting them. Step 2.  Create an evacuation plan listing […]

Can’t be bribed into civilized behavior

“Can’t be bribed into civilized behavior”, Monterey Herald – Aug. 25, 2021 A recent letter to the editor promotes the fantasy the Taliban can be bribed into giving their victims freedom.  The Taliban, al-Qaida and their assorted Islamic extremist allies are mindless animals. These savages execute Christians and kidnap young […]

Sputtering on

“Sputtering on”, Monterey County Weekly—Aug. 19-25, 2021 Bill Monning urges the Weekly to study the carbon footprint of Car Week (“Letters,” Aug. 12-18). I like Car Week and I’ll admit there are environmental impacts caused by all of the visitors and their vehicles – but let’s keep this in perspective. The sainted […]

Worst governor

“Worst governor”, Carmel Pine Cone, Aug. 20, 2021 High taxes, high gas prices. Burning forests. Out-of-control homelessness.  Abridgement of our civil rights. People fleeing the state in droves. These are just some of Gavin Newsom’s achievements! But we can change all of that on Tuesday, Sept. 14, when we vote […]

Encampments pose fire threat

“Encampments pose fire threat”, Monterey Herald—Aug. 18, 2021 Gov. Newsom has forbidden anyone from removing homeless encampments along local areas along Highway 1. This reckless move poses imminent fire danger to most residents of Monterey, Carmel, Pebble Beach, Tehama and Monterra. Many of our recent California wildfires have emanated from […]

Eviction moratorium a blow to the rule of law

“Eviction moratorium a blow to the rule of law”, Monterey Herald – Aug. 15, 2021 If Rochelle Walensky, the director of the CDC, can make decisions that only Congress is allowed to make, like extending the eviction moratorium, then what is to stop anyone in the political majority from doing […]

Fentanyl plague requires securing our border

“Fentanyl plague requires securing our border”, San Jose Mercury – Aug. 4, 2021 Deaths in the USA from fentanyl overdoses have now overtaken covid mortality, according to the analysis of the CDC, Thomas Homan, appointed head of Federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement in 2017, and other experts. Most of the […]

Health responsibility

“Health responsibility”, Monterey Herald – Aug. 8, 2021 Bullying and shaming the unvaccinated in Monterey County is really astonishing when people have choices in this country while we follow the real science.  People that are vaccinated made that choice so where is the threat to everyone?  Is the vaccine not […]

Blame Fauci

“Blame Fauci”, Monterey Herald – Aug. 8, 2021 Fauci, WHO, and other health bureaucrats should have emphasized COVID treatments from the beginning. Instead, they’ve spent a year and a half blocking effective treatments found to work — ivermectin, chloroquine, hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin, Vitamin C, zinc – leaving hundreds of thousands of […]

CDC Bureaucrats can now enact laws

 “CDC Bureaucrats can now enact laws”, Monterey Herald, submitted  8-5, 2021, unpublished The Democrats have finally turned undemocratic, anti-constitutional law, and anti-representative government. An unelected bureaucrat, CDC Director Rochelle Walensky, signed an eviction moratorium order to stop residential evictions. Yet, the U.S. Supreme Court recently ruled that only the U.S. […]

Water solution

“Water solution”, Carmel Pine Cone – July 30, 2021 California, the one-time Golden State, is suffering from any number of critical issues, but none more pressing than water for the 40 million people who live here. California is the country’s bread basket; agriculture generates over $50 billion in yearly revenues. […]

Amazed at masks

“Amazed at masks” – Carmel Pine Cone, July 23, 2021 I am amazed that county health again wants us to wear masks inside public places. Why? I had to expand the helpful graph in the Pine Cone email just to see the recent micro-blip that the county must be worried […]

The real problem

“The real problem”, Monterey Herald – July 21, 2021 Kamala Harris must have visited a different Guatemala than I. After a two-hour trip to Guatemala with leaders, she concluded that food security was the main push factor driving immigrants to make the long journey to the US for illegal entry. […]

Even police have rights to free speech

“Even police have rights to free speech”, Carmel Pine Cone, unpublished, submitted July 16, 2021 It is disturbing to hear that a person of color, a Hispanic police officer in Pacific Grove, was harassed and finally fired for expressing his opinions off-duty. Michael Gonzalez has every right to express himself, […]

Missed Chance to discuss bill on date-rape drugs

“Missed Chance to discuss bill on date-rape drugs,” Santa Cruz Sentinel — July 13, 2021 I found Stephen Kessler’s Commentary regarding his polyamorous paramour years (his words), thoughtful, meaningful and somewhat entertaining, but I feel there was a missed opportunity here. Senate Bill 519 regarding legalization of date-rape drugs in […]

Critical of What (second letter)

“Critical of What” (second letter) MC Weekly, July 8-14-2021 “It’s a little scary that anyone with a conscience would try to support critical race theory. The people pushing this know it’s racist on its face to teach to anyone, but especially children who can’t properly process the idea that because […]

Critical of What?

“Critical of What” – MC Weekly, July 8-14, 2021 The students of Salinas public schools should be inspired to learn the truth in our history of America. (“People show their ignorance of what’s being taught in Salinas public schools,” July 1-7, 2021). The reason for that is so we can […]

National Socialist origins of CRT

“National Socialist origins of CRT,” — MC Weekly, not published, submitted July 5, 2021 Mary Duan’s “The Madding Crowd” editorial fails to mention that Critical Racial Theory teaches that certain races are “oppressors” and other ones are the “oppressed.” One branch of this theory originated in National Socialist Germany, where […]

Violating civil code

“Violating civil code”, Monterey Herald – June 27, 2021 According to Governor Newsom, “California as a whole isn’t adopting a vaccine passport system.”  Why is the Governor depending on businesses to require vaccine verification for entry?  It is not anyone’s business to know a person’s health information. It is against […]

Biden puts Russia first with gas pipeline choices

“Biden puts Russia first with gas pipeline choices” Monterey Herald – June 22-2021 Is President Biden an environmentalist? He did order the cancellation of the Keystone XL oil pipeline and suspend oil and gas leases in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. He said the projects would have harmful effects on […]

Immigration confusion

“Immigration confusion”, Monterey Herald (June 15, 2021) We hear all sorts of stories about the illegal aliens attempting to enter the United States. They tell the media they have no food, no anything where they are coming from. Yet we also hear from that same media that these illegals are […]

Viral evidence

“Viral evidence”, Carmel Pine Cone – June 11, 2021 I know something about the genome of the Covid-19, since I was a member of the Princeton research team that decoded the first Messenger RNA genome. It is quite clear that this virus originated in the Wuhan Bioweapons lab, especially after […]

Useful idiot

“Useful idiot”, Carmel Pine Cone – June 4, 2021 If the Bolshevik Vladimir Lenin were alive today, he would characterize Joe Biden as a “useful idiot.” “Lunch bucket Joe” was never the brightest bulb in the lighting store. To make up for this, he was well known as a plagiarist […]

Rising crime

“Rising crime”, Monterey Herald, June 3, 2021 On May 26, Jen Psaki, speaking for Biden (since he can rarely answer press questions) responded to a question on the present US crime waves: She stated falsely that the present administration was not responsible for the murder rate rise. This is completely […]

Not all investigations are equal

“Not all investigations are equal”, Carmel Pine Cone – May 28, 2021 On reading your story on Rep. Jimmy Panetta’s vote for a commission to investigate the Jan. 6 the Capitol attack, our congressman’s view seems one-sided. Like 99 percent of Americans, my heart sank when I heard about the […]

America isn’t racist

“America isn’t racist”, Monterey Herald – May 26, 2021 Is President Biden a racist?  That is a good question. Near the end of Derek Chauvin’s trial Biden implied that America was guilty of “systemic racism.” That suggests that most Americans are racists. But, wait a moment. Most Americans support the […]


“Masks” – Monterey Herald, May 22, 2021 The CDC revised the mask guidelines saying it is safe for vaccinated people to forego wearing a mask and social distancing in virtually all situations. There were a few exceptions, however, including crowded indoor locations such as airplanes, buses, hospitals, etc. Is the […]

Solar panels

“Solar panels” — Monterey Herald, May 22, 2021 From Reuters on March 26, we learn that Joe Biden launched a plan to increase the toxic content in solar panels. Solar panels routinely contain substantial amounts of arsenic, cadmium and other toxins; however, to achieve Biden’s goal of cheaper solar panels, […]

Racism’s roots

“Racism’s Roots” — Carmel Pine Cone, May 21, 2021 Carol McKibben’s “Reprehensible flag” letter is correct. Racism is still alive. But what Carol failed to mention was that those waving the Confederate flags were staunch Democrats. They were not only the ones who established the Confederate States of American, but […]

Children should be taught character-building skills

“Children should be taught character-building skills”, Monterey Herald, May 10, 2021 The dangerous climate in our country promoting systemic racism is now being perpetuated in the guise of Critical Race Theory. As a person of color, my first experience with racism was being refused to purchase a candy bar at […]

‘Utterly dismayed’

‘Utterly dismayed’ – Carmel Pine Cone, March 26, 2021 After reading Kelly Nix’s article regarding Jimmy Panetta’s border crisis silence, I am utterly dismayed. I have watched precious friends, neighbors and most importantly immune-com-promised family members sheltering in place, wearing masks, and social distancing for over a year because we […]

Hate crimes hysteria

Hate crimes hysteria—Carmel Pine Cone, April 30, 2021 Once again, the Democrats, led this time by our own Congressman Panetta (Pine Cone, April 23), are attempting to inject more division amongst the American people for their own political purchase. The new hysteria regarding hate crimes against Asian-Americans is just that, […]

Electric cars are too quiet

Electric cars are too quiet—Carmel Pine Cone, April 30, 2021 Pedestrian death rates are increasing due to lesser ability of people to hear an oncoming quiet electric vehicle. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration conducted a large-scale 12-state study that showed electric vehicles are 35 percent more likely to cause […]

Biden on Afghanistan

Biden on Afghanistan — Inland Empire Bulletin—April 14, 2021 Re “U.S. eyes exit from Afghan war by Sept. 11” (April 14): So, President Biden wants to withdraw troops from Afghanistan. It’s high time. We never should have sent troops there in the first place. He wants withdrawal on or by Sept. […]

Champagne capitalism

Champagne capitalism – Monterey Herald 4-18-2021 One would expect that self-avowed communists would practice what they peach about advancing equality and condemning the unfair distribution of wealth. But not the co-founder and communist icon of Black Lives Matter, Patrice Cullors. As it turns out, she has a rather emboldened streak […]

Packing the court

Packing the court – Monterey Herald, 4-18-2021 A number of Democratic Party senators now want to pack the U.S. Supreme Court. That is exactly what Hugo Chavez did in 2004. In a severe blow to judicial independence, Chavez’s supporters packed Venezuela’s Supreme Court, filling it with 12 new justices, ushering […]

Examine the facts

Examine the facts — Monterey Herald, April 13, 2021 According to the CDC, one in every four deaths in the USA — 655,000 deaths every year — is from cardiovascular disease alone, and various reports show about 78 percent of COVID cases resulting in hospitalizations have been of persons who […]

Stop the disinformation

Stop the disinformation – Monterey Herald, April 13, 2021 Disinformation is ubiquitous in today’s political circuses. One example is the maligning of Georgia’s S.B. 202 voter law to uphold voter integrity. Although over 70 percent of voters support voter integrity via photo IDs, many political sycophants do not.  Ironically, Delta […]

A letter of requests to President Joe Biden

A letter of requests to President Joe Biden– Monterey Herald, April 10, 2021 Mr. Biden, We need a leader that is not worried about flying around the world at 21,000 miles per hour or replacing lead pipes (most of which have been replaced decades ago). Instead, get over your hate […]

Cancel ‘cancel culture’

Cancel ‘cancel culture’ – Monterey Herald, April 7, 2021 It’s time to cancel ‘cancel culture’ before cancel culture cancels our culture.  Baseball, America’s favorite pastime, is an integral part of our culture.  Spending a day at the ballpark is a great way to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life.  […]

Board of Directors of the Coca Cola Company

Board of Directors of the Coca Cola Company, private letter – April 7, 2021 I write with severe displeasure as a lifelong consumer of Coca Cola and as a shareholder of Coca Cola. Your CEO James Quincy is poor in understanding voter integrity issues. Someone so deficient in intellect should stay […]

Lockdowns irrelevant

Lockdowns irrelevant — Carmel Pine Cone – March 26, 2021 Monterey County has been allowed to loosen from the harsh Purple Tier to the milder Red Tier.  Thus, the editor of The Pine Cone says the recent, very slight uptick in cases is understandable “especially with businesses reopening and people […]

Roots of socialism

Roots of socialism — The Monterey Herald — March 17, 2021 I appreciated Stephen Kessler’s commentary Sunday “A letter written to a democratic socialist.” I agree with Kessler that the American public will not support any leader or group beholden to socialism. Although many people associate socialism with German National […]

Lift the mask mandate

Lift the mask mandate — The Monterey Herald – March 10, 2021 “There’s no reason to be walking around with a mask,” infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci told “60 Minutes” on March 8, 2020.  But, he added that masks could be effective tools for health care providers to prevent […]

Science is not a one-way street

Science is not a one-way street– Monterey Herald – Feb. 21, 2021 The article “Superspreaders behind COVID-19 conspiracies” took the position that only crazy people and conspiracy nuts blame China for the origins of COVID-19. And yet, there are many doctors in the field of virology who believe that the […]

Tightening up voter security

Tightening up voter security — Monterey Herald, submitted Jan. 12, 2021, unpublished For decades, much ink has been spilled over voting irregularities. Many voters still maintain that voting fraud caused Al Gore to lose the U.S. Presidency in 2000. After the 2016 elections, many voters contended that Russia interfered with […]

‘Nice job’

‘Nice job’ — Carmel Pine Cone, Dec. 25, 2020 Monterey County’s government has shut down restaurant outdoor dining due to Covid-19 concerns. Many restaurants, some which invested large amounts of money to install safe outside facilities, will now lay off more employees and struggle to stay in business. Is this […]

One view of sea-level rise

One view of sea-level rise — Monterey Herald, Dec. 20, 2020 “Sea-level rise to impact city” the Herald’s headline announces about vulnerable Monterey.  Hundreds of millions of dollars will be necessary to thwart the advancing sea, the byline adds.  By the end of the decade the sea level is projected […]

More voter fraud evidence

More voter fraud evidence, Monterey Herald, submitted Dec. 4, 2020, unpublished The jig is up. The existence of massive voter fraud now has video proof via security cameras. In half-a-dozen states, the election workers were video taped kicking out poll watchers under the ploy of closing down the operation for […]

A brief history of the Democratic Party

A brief history of the Democratic Party—Monterey Herald, submitted Dec. 1, 2020, unpublished In a span of 192 years, the Democratic Party has gone from the worst president (Andrew Jackson) to one who labeled desegregation as a “racial jungle” (Biden). President Jackson, who owned over 300 slaves, created riches for […]

Voter fraud is real

Voter fraud is real – Monterey Herald, Nov. 27, 2020 Coming from a third political party, I have the opportunity to see both sides of the voter fraud issue. First, voter fraud is real. Everybody knows that thousands of dead citizens voted in Chicago in 1960, causing Richard Nixon to […]

AB5 on a national level?

AB5 on a national level? — Monterey Herald – Oct. 22, 2020 A report on the CNBC website headlined, “Why millions of freelancers fear Biden presidency may put them out of work,” quotes a statement on the site of the Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, saying he would go national […]

Telling the truth is dangerous

Telling the truth is dangerous, Carmel Pine Cone, submitted Oct. 19, 2020, unpublished. We seem to be entering an era where revealing the truth is very dangerous, treated almost like treason. As in some Orwellian dystopia, lies are now praised and accepted while truths are ignored and denounced. Such thinking […]

End COVID lockdown

End COVID lockdowns — Monterey Herald, Oct. 17, 2020 The United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) has come out against COVID lockdowns. What is a lockdown? Think of government forced business closures, mandatory shelter in place orders, blanket school closures, among other policies.  Dr. David Nabarro, the WHO’s Special Envoy […]

False positives

False positives — Carmel Pine Cone, Oct 16-22, 2020 It’s bad enough that a coronavirus false positive test shut down a local business for no good reason.  But what might be even worse is that Monterey County did nothing later to correct its records to reflect that the illness detection […]

It’s critical race theory

It’s critical race theory — Monterey Herald, Oct. 10, 2020 I believe Catherine Hambley in “Diversity training is too important to eliminate” has misidentified a recently issued executive order.  The Trump administration banned federal agencies from teaching federal employees “critical race theory” (CRT), not diversity.  CRT is based on the […]

BLM movement and habitual racism

BLM movement and habitual racism — Monterey Herald, submitted Sept. 21, 2020, unpublished Both Black Lives Matter’s peaceful protesters and violent rioters contend that America suffers from systemic racism. But what are they really saying?  The big cities currently experiencing arson, looting, fire-bombing, and death have been governed by Democratic […]

The age of hypocrisy

The age of hypocrisy — Monterey Herald,  Aug. 21, 2020 We have entered the decade of hypocrisy, where everything is upside down. In protests where Black Lives are supposed to Matter, mostly white crowds berate, attack, and murder black police officers and burn down or destroy minority businesses. This is […]

Looking more at history of Antifa

Looking more at history of Antifa — The Monterey Herald — July 15, 2020 In her letter on Antifa, Linda Deutsch needs to dig a little deep into history. Near the end of World War II in Italy, many anti-fascist organizations rose up to fight the Nazi invasion. However, according […]

Censorship and Facebook

Censorship and Facebook – Monterey Herald, submitted June 10, 2020, unpublished Regarding your editorial about Mark Zuckerberg enabling Trump threats to looters: I thought I would never see a newspaper demanding censorship! Facebook is a public platform and not responsible for its content as spelled out in the Telecommunications Act […]

Defend right not to protest

Defend right not to protest— Monterey Herald, June 3, 2020 People have the right either to protest or not to protest. But that right was denied on San Jose’s Highway 101 when a mob blocked traffic. This angry mob not only stopped traffic but smashed car windows with crowbars, supposedly […]

Maybe it was a mistake to shutdown

Maybe it was a mistake to shutdown — Monterey Herald, May 10, 2020 I have a different take on the Herald’s “Rushing to reopen economy is a mistake” editorial. According to the CDC estimates, Americans suffered almost 100,000 deaths during the Hong Kong Flu of 1968-69.  That was the same […]

Consequences for bad behavior by Red China

Consequences for bad behavior by Red China – Monterey Herald, submitted April 23, 2020, unpublished Since the Communist Party of China repeatedly lied to the world about the Covid-19 virus, caused millions to be infected, tens of thousands of deaths, trillions lost in shutdowns, and a worldwide economic depression, something […]

The Real and Historical Racists—The Democrats

The Real and Historical Racists—The Democrats — The Monterey Herald, submitted March 2, 2020, unpublished Some people are demanding the destruction of Confederate statues. But why stop at knocking down Confederate monuments? Why not go after the political party that established the Confederacy and erected those racist monuments—the Democrats? If […]

New face of authoritarian Toryism

New face of authoritarian Toryism – Monterey Herald, submitted March 3, 2020, unpublished Bernie Sanders and the current crop of Democratic Party leaders have become the new face of authoritarian Toryism. Like the old Toryism of King George III, Bernie and his cohorts are extremely conservative and statist. Consider private […]

Bank On It

Bank on it — Monterey County Weekly — March 5-11, 2020 A bank owned and run by government is a bad idea (“Efforts to establish a public bank for the Central Coast are underway,” Feb. 27-March 4). There is no reason to think that a government owned bank would have […]

Call it the ‘Communist-19 virus

Call it the ‘Communist-19 virus’–The Monterey Herald, March 29, 2020 All of a sudden, it has become controversial to name a pandemic after its place of origin. Many past pandemics have been named after their geographical location. But now, somehow this tradition is racist or xenophobic. Recently, propaganda efforts by […]

Cut administration costs to give teachers a raise

Cut administration costs to give teachers a raise – Monterey Herald, Feb. 29, 2020 I found William Pace’s letter to the editor about the MPUSD pay scale of great interest. It is true that seasoned teachers often make up to $100,000-plus per year along with pension and health benefits, but […]

America will reject socialism, again

America will reject socialism, again – Monterey Herald, June 14, 2019 The Herald’s commentary, “Boos for a slam on socialism by our state Dems,” is correct in its position that most Americans view socialism as abhorrent and tyrannical. Our American anti-socialist attitude intensified after we were forced to spill blood […]