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No affordable housing?

“No affordable housing?” Carmel Pine Cone – April 14, 2023

Why can’t California provide affordable housing? What’s going on behind the scenes?

As a real estate investor, it seems that powerful lobbying groups of large developers have devised a program with the state to build market-rate housing with no actual affordable-housing requirements. This is great for builders and unscrupulous investors, but bad for the communities struggling to squeeze in these new dwellings.

The state’s Regional Housing Needs Allocation model, as indicated at the last town meeting, has no substantive goals for creating affordable housing. They also have no requirement for owners to rent new housing at affordable rates.

Meanwhile, the state’s housing allocations are so high this cycle, that they are clearly designed for cities to fail. When we fail, that will allow state agencies to intervene and allow buildings without design guidelines or local zoning regulations. We didn’t even meet our last goal of 31 units. How are we going to build 349?

When we don’t, and surrender our power to govern the development of our city, what will become of Carmel-by-the-Sea? It will destroy the character of Carmel and financially mar our community. We must not let this happen. Please support our city leaders in fighting for local control over our planning and zoning laws.

David O’Neil, Carmel