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Global warming and sea level rise

“Global warming and sea level rise,” Monterey Herald – Feb. 26, 2023

California’s Governor is the USA’s top politician to raise global warming and sea levels. Some of his accomplishments: (1) Led California to waste more water than any US state at 76% of all our precipitation. This costs money and energy and directly adds more water to the ocean than at any time in the last 100,000 years; (2) Failed to construct a single major water storage or recharge project, including failure to build the Sites water storage project in Glenn County, further aggravating water wastage; (3) Hyping the all-electric vehicle, when hybrids and even 30 mpg gas engines have a lower carbon footprint. By the way, much of the power to charge these EVs is wheeled in from coal burning on tribal lands in New Mexico, the most polluting form of power; (4) Wants to close Diablo Canyon nuclear plant, the lowest carbon form of energy production; (5) Wants to eliminate gas stoves and heaters, which have a much lower fire risk, death risk, toxic mercury risk and carbon footprint than costly electrical stoves.

— Michael Hogan, Monterey