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DEI questions

“DEI questions,” Carmel Pine Cone – Feb. 17, 2023

I watched the newly installed Pacific Grove DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) Task Force on Zoom on Tuesday, February 13.  I have some questions about terminology and goal statements.

  1. When Task Force members introduce themselves with their personal pronouns (he, his, her, she, they etc.), are they referring to their actual genetic (biological) identity or their preferred (nonbiological ) identity?
  2. One Task Force member referred to herself as “neurodiverse.” Isn’t that true of many species on the planet?
  3. The word “intersectionality” is used by the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) community.  I am never quite sure what that means, but one caller on Zoom asked if this might also apply to senior citizens and persons with a disability.  Aren’t these persons often underserved and marginalized?  Are they or are they not also “intersectional”?
  4. The Pacific Grove DEI Task Force has a goal statement. The goal statement is to promote racial justice and promote community “healing.”  Does the use of the word “healing” imply that the community is “sick”? Is that the role of the DEI?  To cure this sickness?  If so, exactly how would they define this “sickness”? The Task Force might appoint a subcommittee to study this issue.
  5. Part of the DEI work plan is to hire a consultant.  The estimated cost to the city of Pacific Grove is $100,000 dollars.  One caller into the Zoom presentation asked how this consultant will be chosen. What matrix will be used?  How will this consultant serve in the Task Force and what benefits will this service have for the citizens of the City of Pacific Grove

The next DEI public meeting is at 6 PM on Monday, March 13. It will take place in the Pacific Grove City Council Chambers.

Carol Marquart, Pacific Grove