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Chinese spy balloon 1

“Chinese spy balloon 1,” Monterey Herald – Feb. 8, 2023

Now that Biden has sent battlefield weapons to Ukraine and shot down a balloon from China, most likely a weather balloon, he has made us a few inches away from war with both countries or either one. A lot the big military spender-in-chief cares about the average American who struggles with prices inflated by the situation from his beach house retreat in Delaware.

A key debate question in 2016 was who we would trust more to handle a nuclear conflict, Trump or Clinton. If we asked the same about Biden, I’d say he’d be the last person I’d trust on earth. In fact, I wouldn’t even trust Biden to keep my dog safe while I wasn’t home.

If Congress doesn’t take prompt action to impeach Biden so that negotiators can attempt to halt these pointless hostilities, we may not have any country left here to vote against him in 2024.

— Bill Graham, Salinas