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No accountability

“No accountability,” Carmel Pine Cone—Oct. 14, 2022

The title of Measure Q is so full of promise — “The safe, affordable, quality childcare act of Monterey County”— yet, after thoroughly reading the text of the measure, I am sickened by the deception I read in the details.

Proponents continue to advertise: “Q is needed because childcare is unaffordable.” But not one dime of the $5.5M goes to families. Most families in Monterey County will not qualify for this government-subsidized childcare. Are the parents struggling with the high cost of childcare being exploited?

The proponents think another property tax will solve the problem. The Board of Supervisors can’t seem to connect the dots between high property taxes and housing that gets more out of reach. The proponents have exempted nearly 43,000 parcels from paying the tax. Why? One of the writers said they couldn’t get agriculture on board with the deal unless they were exempted.

That’s right, all agricultural parcels are exempt, from strawberries to cannabis. All nonprofits are exempt, and even the Monterey Bay Aquarium. All veterans whose home values are under $150,000 are exempt.

As luck would have it, my property tax bill showed up this week with 14 add-on fees, assessments, and school bond measures in addition to my base property tax.

Measure Q is immensely unfair, taxing families that won’t benefit. Measure Q has no written plan — they say you must pass it before they will develop a plan. Haven’t we heard that line before?

Measure Q is not quantifiable — proponents tout “outcomes” that will be safe, affordable and quality, but there are no metrics to determine if it will work.

The county counsel removed the commitment of an audit which was part of the title and summary page used to gather petition signatures. We will never really know where the money is spent.
Vote no on Q.

Rosemarie Barnard, Prunedale