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Tom Tomorrow cartoons exceedingly hateful

“Tom Tomorrow cartoons exceedingly hateful,” Monterey County Weekly, sent in but unpublished, Sept. 2022

This letter to the editor is in reference to not just this week’s paper but applies to many prior editions I have read.  I trust you will read this and even post it in next week’s Opinion section, Letters – Opinions As your mission statement states:  “The mission of the Weekly is to inspire independent thinking and conscious action, etc.

I believe your articles overall are well done and informative, however, I find it ironic and insulting that your Tom Tomorrow cartoons are exceedingly hateful and do not inspire “independent thinking.” In fact, would this fall under your idea of “Conscious action?” Hate and never let up on the 45th President of the United States. Hmmm.

I do not usually read your weekly but when I do, I have never seen any “cartoon” of Biden and pictures depicting the bad policies he has implemented.

To name a few would include cutting back on oil production leading to the highest gas prices and the highest inflation in over 40 years. Not able to fix the supply chain issues at our ports. Open borders driving up crime and opioid/fentanyl deaths to the highest on record. US crime is out of control. Terribly managed withdrawal from Afghanistan leaving behind 13 dead Marines, and $85 billion worth of military equipment, etc. Now those would be conscious actions!

I trust these cartoons are passed up the chain of command before they are published and therefore are a reflection of what Messrs. Zeve and Cushman as well as you and Karen Loutzenheiser find acceptable. If this action is based on what you consider “facts,” then why not call out the Biden Administration for the real facts and how the current administration is failing the American people?

Of course, if your publication is proud to be left leaning then you will probably want to include this letter to the editor next week to let your readership see how open to “free speech” you care so much about.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Jim Ferguson, Carmel