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The dangers of ‘send’

The dangers of ‘send’,” Carmel Pine Cone – Sept. 23, 2022

Some people have a compunction to express their thoughts and opinions on social media and, unfortunately for them, press “send.” This is obviously the case with Ms. Rau, who has absolutely no business being on any so-called diversity, equality and inclusion group, especially one supported by taxpayers. She is certainly entitled to her opinions and entitled to share them on social media, but her opinions mean that she needs to be off that particular board.

Joan Grabe, Carmel Valley

 Editor note: Tina Rau, chair of the Pacific Grove Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Task Force (DEI), mocked Catholics and evangelical Christians. Carmel Pine Cone article: Criticism of inclusion chair mounts, Panetta calls for tolerance” Sept. 23, 2022 link:

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