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Embrace private schooling

“Embrace private schooling,” Carmel Pine Cone – Aug. 5, 2022

In a time of recession and rising inflation, we should not even consider hiking property taxes for childcare. After all, people should only pay for what they get. This means that citizens without children, or with grown-up children, should never have to pay for what they do not get. We should move away from government-owned schools and embrace private schooling.

Government-owned schools and daycare centers are rife with danger. They are often centers of political introduction, not learning. Historically, the National Socialists of Germany nationalized education in the 1930s. They bragged that they had created “over 8,000 day-nurseries.” It was not about education or helping parents, it was about indoctrinating young children with socialism and anti-Semitism at the earliest age possible.

I encourage everyone to vote against the “Safe, Affordable, Quality Care Act” on the Nov. 8, 2022, ballot. Since California has one of the most expensive and lowest ranking educational systems in the nation, this ballot measure will not result in care that is safe, affordable, or enhanced with quality.

L.K. Samuels, Carmel