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Truthfulness and election fraud,

“Truthfulness and election fraud,” Monterey Herald – July 13, 2022

As an Independent, I have no qualms about dialoguing on the issues of politician truthfulness and election fraud.

The belief that there was fraud is not because former President Trump said so. It is because 5 ½ years of abusive “get Trump” behavior provides good reason to believe the behavior continued during the election. Federal agencies were influenced to “get Trump.” The impeachment processes were untruthful efforts to “get Trump.” This egregious behavior fed the media. Labeling the Jan. 6th capitol riots and vandalism an insurrection and the Jan. 6th investigation continues the “get Trump” abuse.

Both parties share the responsibility to speak truthfully. However, the Democrat Party, by employing Leninist principles, has egregiously strayed into the trap set by those who seek to control us.

— George Brehmer, Carmel