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Biden, Lofgren’s sacrifice energy independence

“Biden, Lofgren’s sacrifice energy independence,” San Jose Mercury – July 1 2022

Recently, President Biden announced that he would deplete our Strategic Petroleum Reserve by half to appease motorists dismayed by high gas prices.

I documented at the time that this was a horrible mistake and a risk to our national security. But that’s only the beginning of the horror. Reuters reported on July 5 that more than five million barrels of the release had been exported to China and Italy. China is happy to increase its energy security while Biden cedes US security.

However, in November here in District 18, we have a chance to start moving in a healthier direction; we can replace Zoe Lofgren with Peter Hernandez. Lofgren was a reliable catalyst for Biden’s dismantling of our energy independence. His Progressive Caucus votes on HR 455 provided Biden with a stable platform to carry out this destruction.

C. Michael Hogan Monterey