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First Amendment for some

First Amendment for some,” Carmel Pine Cone – June 17, 2022

As our country’s constitutional convention ended, someone asked Ben Franklin what form of government they had decided on. “A republic, if you can keep it,” was his answer.

That’s not a comfortable thought, after reading your reporting on recent events in Pacific Grove. A policeman clearly fired for the offensive-to-the-powers-that-be content of his speech… while not on duty. Add to that depressing fact a wannabe speech-repressing city council member. (Yikes, this person has a constituency?)

Jenny McAdams is being widely laughed at for her thorough dressing-down by a judge. But were her claims to be protected by law from any criticism really that ridiculous? Maybe she looked over at Police Chief Madalone and city manager Harvey and thought, “Hey, First Amendment? Of course for me, and maybe for you, but for them?  No way!

Richard Pettit, Pacific Grove