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How sweet it isn’t

“How sweet it isn’t”, Monterey Herald—January 23, 2022

Amazing how Joe Biden sugar-coated his first year as President in his recent press conference. It has been anything but sweet. Marc Thiessen in his recent commentary (Jan. 21) reviewed just some of the failures (but major ones) of the Biden administration. Added to that list, failures of Joe Biden (in just one year) include making America energy-dependent (can’t miss the increased prices at the gas pumps), violence, crime and murders in major cities, defunding the police, more divisiveness than ever (when he promised to bring unity), the highest level of inflation in over 40 years (can’t miss the increased prices of just about everything), more than 1.6 million illegal immigrants crossing the border (drug cartels, sex traffickers, unaccompanied minors) from over 160 countries (and that does not include the “got aways”), the debacle in Afghanistan (13 Americans killed and over 100 left behind), stimulus bills that have put the country farther into debt than ever before, his push by the progressive left toward a socialist country, and the list goes on.  It’s time for the Biden administration to bring this country together and to stop blaming former President Trump for everything the Democrats have mismanaged. And sadly, the mainstream media will have you believe everything is going well. That’s far from reality.

— Patricia Nervino, Carmel Valley