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January 6 hyperbole

“January 6 hyperbole”–Monterey Herald—not published, submitted Jan. 7, 2022

The January 6 Capitol riot’s first anniversary was filled with an incredible dose of hyperbole.

Lacking a sense of history, Vice President Harris compared the Capitol riots to the disaster at Pearl Harbor, where eight US Navy battleships were damaged, 185 aircraft destroyed, and 2,403 Americans died. Next, she compared the two-hour riot to the 9/11 terrorist attack, where two of the world’s most prominent skyscrapers collapsed along with 2,753 American lives. Journalist Glenn Greenwald was horrified by Harris’ similarities, tweeting, “January 6 was worse than 9/11? Or Pearl Harbor?”

How many people died at the Jan. 6 Capitol riots? Just one person, an unarmed female veteran killed by capitol police. No buildings, ships, or planes were destroyed. No guns were found on the perpetrators. Congress reconvened later that day.

Such over-the-top hyperbole is incredible. Many Democrats have failed to mention the 1954 shooting attack on the Capitol House Floor by four Puerto Rican nationalists. Five congressmen were wounded.  Or the 1983 bombing of the US Senate wing by the communist Resistance Conspiracy.

We should never exaggerate or forget past historical events. Accurate history is vital to prevent such tragedies from happening again.

Lawrence Samuels, Carmel