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BLM movement and habitual racism

BLM movement and habitual racism — Monterey Herald, submitted Sept. 21, 2020, unpublished

Both Black Lives Matter’s peaceful protesters and violent rioters contend that America suffers from systemic racism. But what are they really saying?  The big cities currently experiencing arson, looting, fire-bombing, and death have been governed by Democratic Party politicians for decades. Are these protesters arguing that Democrats are the true, habitual racists?

That would be odd since many of these riot-prone cities are administered by black mayors and police chiefs. Are they saying black politicians are engaging in systemic racism against their fellow blacks?

For racism to be systemic, it needs to be embedded everywhere—city politicians, police officials, and residences.  Leaders in big cities would have to publish manuals, give speeches, and post videos instructing the public to be racist. So where is this ubiquitous evidence of discrimination?

The BLM movement is not about stopping racism; Americans are among the most tolerant people in the world. No, the BLM is all about grabbing political power. And they are willing to take down the Democratic Party and anyone else who might thwart their power-hungry appetite.

–Lawrence Samuels